• July 4th, 2020

Sorri-Sorris conservancy goes solar

Cecilia Xavier

SORRI-SORRIS - Solar installation at Sorri-Sorris relieved the community from the cost of buying diesel and air pollution emitted from the diesel.  

The much-anticipated solar power plant for Sorri-Sorris has been realised when a 150 kilowatts power plant has been completed and handed over by the Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta.
The project, Environment Investment Fund (EIF), was initiated in 2015 through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and it facilitated in securing funds from the Green Climate Fund.

“The plant will generate about N$400 000 worth of electricity that is bought directly for the plant and will be increased with 5% annually, which will go directly to the conservancy,” the Chief Executive Officer of 
the EIF Benedict Libanda said.

About 4 000 tons of carbon, emitted through diesel use for operation, will be avoided. This shows how local action contributes to more climate change – although at micro level – but when they are multiplied, there is a lot of impact, he further explained.  “The national policy on climate change aims to contribute to the attainment of sustainable development in line with the Namibia’s Vision 2030, through the strengthening of the national capacities to reduce climate change risk and build resilience for any climate change induced shock,” Shifeta said.

The project is set to benefit a total of 9200 inhabitants and create about 25 jobs; it has trained community members of which four women are trained on solar plant operation, maintenance and administration, Shifeta stated.

Governor of the Kunene region Marius Sheya applauded the initiative, saying the project could have come at better time, especially now that the region has been affected by a lengthy drought period, making it difficult for communities to adjust to the effects of climate change and diversify their livelihood. 

*Cecilia Xavier works for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Opuwo

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2020-02-04 07:48:37 | 5 months ago

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