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STRANGE BREED - The Beetal goat

2020-11-03  Staff Reporter

STRANGE BREED - The Beetal goat
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It is found in Punjab and Haryana state but it is mostly found in Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Ferozpur districts of Punjab. 
Beetal goat is raised both for meat and dairy purpose. They have long legs, long and pendulous ears, short and thin tail and have backwards curved horns. The adult buck has 50-60kg weight and adult doe has 35-40kg weight. 

The body length of male beetal is approximately 86cm and that of female beetal is approximately 71cm. The average milk yield per day is 2.0-2.25kg and yield per lactation period varies from 150-190kg.
The skin of these goats is considered to be of high quality because of its large size and its yielding of fine leather such as velour, suede, and chamois for manufacturing clothes, shoes, and gloves. 

Beetal goats have been widely used for the improvement of local goats throughout the subcontinent. These goats are also adapted to stall feeding, thus are preferred for intensive goat farming

Because of the curious nature of this animal they can eat a variety of feed source which are bitter, sweet, salty and sour in taste. 
They can eat leguminous feed like Lobia, Berseem, garlic etc. with taste and enjoyment. Mainly they like to eat the fodder which gives them energy and are rich with protein. 
They usually have a habit to spoil their food because they often urinate in the feeding trough.

2020-11-03  Staff Reporter

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