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Stray elephants wreak havoc in Omusati

2020-03-03  Staff Reporter

Stray elephants wreak havoc in Omusati
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Johanna Aluteni 

Wild elephants strayed into a crop field belonging to Elago Elago at Oshilulu village in the Okahao constituency of Omusati region last week. The elephants caused damage to crops, but fortunately, no human life was lost. The animals also invaded a crop field belonging to Hafeni Shikokola for about two hours during the early morning hours. 

A resident of the homestead said she heard movements in the morning. “I heard the movements around 02h00 and at first, I thought it was dogs. I could hear them (elephants) eating up the watermelons. I was terrified but I got up and started hitting the corrugated iron sheets to scare them away; they eventually left,” narrated the resident. 

The councillor of Okahao constituency, Leonard Shikulo, said community members have reported the elephants in the areas of Oshilulu, Ombwata and Onandjila. Shikulo said the only help they are requesting is for the ministry of environment to remove the elephants from these areas before they harm people. 

“Those who are from these areas of Oshilulu, Ombwata and Onandjila should be very careful and should avoid walking during the night. With all the elephants roaming around, it is not safe,” he said. 
Hilda Namwenyo ya Nathinge from Sheya Shuushona Conservancy also warned the local people to be vigilant and report any elephant movement to the authorities. 

2020-03-03  Staff Reporter

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