• April 4th, 2020

Sunny Boy ‘Uuyelele’ album out in two weeks

WINDHOEK - Sunday Shipushu aka Sunny Boy revealed that his much-anticipated seventh studio album entitled ‘Uuyelele’, which means light, will be out in two weeks’ time. 

Production is in its final stages before the album is sent to South Africa for duplication. 
“What to expect on the album is just me doing my best. But this time around I have taken a different approach through my music to produce songs that can cater to everyone, especially the youth that are more into dancing,” says Sunny Boy. 
Sunny Boy says people can also find songs like ‘Pressure’ that conveys a message about life in general, and not danceable. 

He says the album will be his biggest project, as he continues to improve and find his mark in the music industry. “I took time to perfect the album this time. So, people must expect nothing but the best,” adds Sunny Boy. 

“I titled my album ‘Uuyelele’ because of all the ups and downs that I went through. It’s more about self-discovery and coming to light in my musical career,” he explains. The album is more matured compared to the previous albums, he adds. “This feels like my second album. I really worked hard to prove myself that I can still sing and claim my spot as an artist,” he says enthusiastically. 

Sunny Boy already has three exciting singles out as a foretaste of what to expect on the upcoming album, including ‘Stealing my Heart’ featuring Patrick from the PDK, ‘Wish’ featuring Desmond as well ‘Young, Wild and Free’.  The singles were produced and recorded by Glo of Glo Production. 

Sunny Boy’s album will have 18 tracks, and he worked with various local artists including Adora, Young T, and Tate Buti.
Apart from the album, Sunny Boy is also planning on releasing more singles and shooting more videos, he revealed. 
He is also rebranding his image and pushing to promote his clothing brand, Hikwa Culture, which is currently making waves.  To top it up, Sunny Boy is scouting for fresh talent for his label, Yaziza Entertainment.

“I need someone to mentor and to pass on the talent and experience I have gained in the music industry.”
His achievements in the music industry thus far include coming up with his own genre, Hikwa, which is a blend of hip-hop and kwaito. 

Pinehas Nakaziko
2019-04-05 12:56:52 | 11 months ago

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