• September 29th, 2020

Supplementary registration going well in Kavango West - coordinatorECN

RUNDU - ECN regional coordinator for Kavango West Romanus Haironga says despite transport challenges, registration is well on track at 49 registration points in all eight constituencies.

In terms of Section 38 (1) of the Electoral Act, the supplementary registration of voters will be conducted over 18 days from July 8 to 27

“Registration is ongoing, since we started on Monday despite minor challenges, on Monday we managed to get some statistics of some 485 people registered,”“But some registration points didn’t submit their statistics for Monday due to network problems at some areas so they could not update us on how many eligible voters registered on that day,” he added.

According to Haironga, Kavango West has about 49 teams at 49 registration points in the entire region and out of the 49 points, seven are in Kapako Constituency of which five are semi-fixed, while two are mobile teams. Mankumpi Constituency has one semi-fixed and two mobile teams, while Mpungu Constituency which is the biggest on the other hand has 20 teams and three of them are semi-fixed.In Musese Constituency, there are four semi-fixed and two mobile teams, and in Ncamagoro Constituency there are two semi-fixed and two mobile teams, meanwhile in Ncuncuni Constituency there are four semi-fixed teams and no mobile teams at all and in Nkurenkuru there are three semi-fixed teams and one mobile team going around.

Haironga said there are two semi-fixed teams and six mobile teams in Tondoro Constituency.The mobile teams are moving from one point to the next on a daily basis until the registration comes to an end. “Semi-fixed teams can stay at a particular place or registration point for at least three days before moving to another location if they have registered all from that area or point but the mobile teams are mostly moving on a daily basis,” he said.

John Muyamba
2019-07-10 09:30:42 | 1 years ago

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