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The Damascus Goat

2020-09-08  Staff Reporter

The Damascus Goat
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For those who may have never seen a Damascus goat, you are in for a surprise. To say they look like something out of a horror film is an understatement, though they are a very useful breed.
They are used as a multi-purpose breed, used for both meat, milk production and leather works. The breed, as obvious by the name, originating in the Middle East and they can be found throughout the region. The breed, also known as the Shami goat, were exported to Cyprus, with large herds now found. It was here the breed gained the name, Damascus.

In general, a Damascus doe has three to four kids every pregnancy, while her milk is very easily digestible. Its milk is also now used in the gourmet cheese markets.

They are known as noble creatures in the Middle East and have a long neck, long legs, with drooping ears and a small head. They have a unique look, with an almost scrunched up face. Their head has a convex bridge, overly expressive eyes, and long ears, as mentioned above. This gives them their unique look, described as beautiful by some and strange by others.

Due to extensive cross-breeding, they can now be found in a range of different colours, from beige to grey, to white to dark brown.
Their coat is long-haired, which helps protect them from strong heat and UV rays. They can survive on very little food also, which is why they strive in the region. At maturity, they average at 75cms tall and weigh up to 70kgs. As is the norm, bucks are usually heavier than does. Strange looking to some, beautiful to others, whatever the opinion, you definitely haven’t seen anything like them 

2020-09-08  Staff Reporter

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