• July 7th, 2020

The domino effect of our football

In an effort to identify loopholes, the devil’s advocate tests an opponent’s argument to the limit often despite being sympathetic with it – a useful technique to avoid sloppy thinking. 

Yours truly has been following with keen interest unjustified accusations and unbecoming insults levelled against the country’s elite football league, the MTC Premiership, particularly its chairman Patrick Kauta.

Let me quickly borrow a phrase from the great man Malcolm Little, Ooops X!! “You are not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality, wrong is wrong no matter who says or does it.”  

I’ve been a staunch critic of Kauta on several occasions but on a rare occasion I must applaud the brother for the bold decision he took to clear the air over uncertainty that has been hovering over the much debated relegation issue in the conspicuous absence of first division football.

One aspect I’ve observed amongst our community, notably from politics and football is intolerance. We must learn to respect other people’s views and opinions without hurling insults at those who don’t share our views and give credit where it is due.

Kauta acted within his designated authority by announcing that relegation will be effected at the end of the current campaign, a customary practice globally. So, now tell me what’s wrong with that? 

It’s a known fact that relegation and promotion go hand in glove but it’s certainly not the duty of the NPL to dictate who should be promoted to the elite league to succeed the relegated teams. 

Matter of fact, I’ve never been one to shy away from rolling with the punches and will be ready to throw my frame on the line in pursuit of defending the innocent and vulnerable when their characters are deliberately negatively displayed in systematic efforts to settle old scores.

  It’s now crystal clear that some people want to create chaos to derail football’s progress, using the worrisome inactivity in the lower divisions as a legitimate ploy to have relegation from the top tier league nullified.     

Nonetheless, yours truly still has a bone to pick with the identified relegation candidates mysteriously including non-affiliate member of the NPL in the shape of Young African, a club that was demoted from the NPL for misconduct. 
As it stands, Young African Football Club were demoted to the country’s national division one and are eligible to campaign in the country’s second tier should the leagues finally get the ball rolling, which the author is confident will materialise soon.  

Now, let’s say on the balance of probability Young African Football Club gain promotion to the elite league on their first attempt – the team from the Cattle Country club will be back campaigning in the country’s topflight elite in the same season they were relegated. Seriously, these sorts of seemingly unending shenanigans can only happen in the Land of the Brave.

Interestingly, there was no timeline stated in the punishment as to when Young African Football Club should start life in the lower division. 

Well, yours truly is damn sure many of you would scorn to own me in a lie if I dare conclude that the Gobabis outfit was indeed tailored to become part and parcel of the first division set-up this term. To my learned friends in blue suits at Football House, you made the bed so sleep in it. I rest my 

Carlos Kambaekwa
2019-05-24 10:19:30 | 1 years ago

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