• February 24th, 2020

The Gardner Private School exhibits learners’ work

Youth Corner’s Aletta Shikololo visited The Gardner Private School as the learners were having an exhibition during which they were showcasing what they have learnt by having interviews and presentations of their projects, which they have worked on over the past six weeks.

Each child had the opportunity to be interviewed and respond to questions posed by parents, teachers and their peers. The whole process was to allow for reflective learning experiences.

The School principal Fortune Mutemaringa explained that each phase has a different theme or Unit of inquiry that they explore making the whole process very informative as well as exciting. 
The units are also incorporated into their core subjects yet intertwined to ensure that they grasp the needed concepts across the board.

“I love parents who are involved in their child education and who are at every event offered at the school. It has a positive bearing on the child’s growth and lends itself to the learners’ good self-confidence and security,’’ Mutemaringa said.

Staff Reporter
2019-08-07 07:12:52 | 6 months ago

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