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The sorry state of public recreational facilities

2021-02-05  Carlos Kambaekwa

The sorry state of public recreational facilities
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Yours truly has never been one to shy away from calling a spade by its christened name, certainly not a BIG SPOON. Truth be told, I’m angry, ashamed, disgusted by the ugly face of many sporting facilities around the country, which resembles unattended garbage garden.  
Just the other day  earlier this week, I paid a routine visit to my old buddy former Orlando Pirates lethal net buster Ishmael “Lemmy Special” Narib, nicknamed after the late Kwela King Pennywhistle virtuoso, Lemmy “Special” Mabaso, from Alexandra, near Johannesburg, South Africa. 

The nauseating unattractive sight of the Katutura Youth Complex, constructed at the old compound for Northern contract labourers, seriously raised my bloodstream to the highest levels. The stadium is in deplorable state and will costs thousands, if not millions of dollars to restore it to its former glorious status.

Needless, to note that this is not the only state facility that has been left to fend for themselves. Previously well kept recreational facilities, such as swimming pools across the country, Okahandja, Omaruru, Kombat and many other towns are now a much-sought-after delicacy for stray dogs.

Back in the day, the tiny mountainous town of Usakos boasted gorgeous sport facilities, a lawn rugby field, and decent tennis and netball courts. Eish...I could not help but imagine myself of one day playing football on that compact stadium every time we drove past those eye catching sport facilities next to the bridge en route to Swakopmund with our slower than milk Datsun Nissan Combi for our band’s live music coastal escapades.  Now, where do we start and where did we go wrong?...that’s the fundamental question that needs to be addressed without fear or favour. For starters, local authorities should take the blame for lack of foresight or else how the bloody hell do you build sport facilities in hopelessly overcrowded residential areas.

Population pressure is the result of constant freely overflowing sewage in black townships, the Katutura Youth Complex is swimming in the same pool because of overloaded systems. Secondly, it’s about time we start educating the general public on taking ownership of public entities.

It’s very painful hearing adults on a daily basis uttering foolish words such as “It is government property, WAT WORRY JY” when they are reminded to jealously shield government property as their own. My dear readers, government is you and I, those men in blue suits seating in government office blocks are just custodians of our resources and sacred properties. 

On the other hand, the portfolio ministry has a very tired image, maintenance of existing sport facilities has become problematic all over the country. The Windhoek Independence stadium under your watch is a case in point. Just walk over, take a thorough look at the adjacent well maintained Dr Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium. I’m just wondering.

Yours truly is damn sure that many of you would scorn to own me in a lie if I dare lay it bare that when these very same facilities were under the supervision of the previous administration, they were squeaky clean and well maintained...much to the delight of their subjects. 
My humble advice to sport authorities, please stop awarding maintenance tenders to your unpatriotic cronies who have absolutely no interest, expertise or whatsoever in the course they are peddling rather than having their greedy eyes fixed on making a quick buck at the expense of the masses. 

It’s an open secret that sport is at the bottom of the government’s list of priorities but inadequate recreational facilities or total lack thereof, leads to boredom amongst the many unemployed youths, ultimately breeding dangerous criminals. I rest my case.    

2021-02-05  Carlos Kambaekwa

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