• May 28th, 2020

Top trending - Make babies while you are young- Kashidinge

Ladies, if you are almost 30 and you didn’t push one, you will be late. This is the sentence that  Nangamana Sirkka Kashidinge  starts her 3:03 video with which has garnered more than 17 000 views on her Facebook account since its upload on 25 April 2020.

 “Otwamana nale, the only thing I need now is marriage… hahahahahahah, that’s if it happens, if it doesn’t, I am sorted, I already have my product,” she said in the video, further bashing women with big bodies saying they sometimes look like they have double triple twins.
 Kashidinge’s video was taken lightly by some social media users who said she is telling the truth and although the video aims to make single young mother’s smile others were against her views, citing bullying and insulting women who can’t bear children. 
 The video captioned: Vida... This is just for fun don’t hate me, just push but not like a dog, she urged women to make babies and stop waiting to be married because there won’t be a guarantee that they will get hitched.

 “You are there keeping it for marriage, give birth to your kid, add to the generation people are dying of corona, add to the population, ” stated Kashidinge, continuing to say girls should give their boyfriends or donors babies.

 Mathilda Princess M Riruako commented by saying men also go through infertility. “They don’t go making videos to mock one another. We, women are our own enemy oshili. Infertility is a serious and sensitive
issue to be talked bad about or make fun of. At least she must record about how one can look for professional and medical help instead of recording a video just to mock other women. Next time she must
do serious research before she records a useless video that is negative and pointless,” observed Riruako.
 MC, TV and radio presenter Josy Ngipandua said the video subjects women to a lot of torture. “Society already places so many expectations on us as women: we have to look a certain way, have a certain shade of skin, have a certain sized booty while still weighing a certain amount of kilos, to be viewed as attractive,” posted Nghipandua who also mentioned that culturally, politically and religiously, women are already discriminated against on so many fronts, even in the presence of a constitution.

 Nghipandua gave words of encouragement to women who might have been hurt in the process of making the video. “To any woman dealing with infertility issues and had to see this, I am so sorry, it is not your fault and you are not lesser of a woman because you can’t give birth. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are supreme,” posted Nghipandua, advising users to refrain from allowing social media to make them do irresponsible things for fame.

Paheja Siririka
2020-04-30 10:51:28 | 28 days ago


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    Penda Kiiyala

    I saw this video and I thought Nangamana was just pulling their leg. Was this not meant to be a joke? Did it really offend a lot of ladies who could not or were not unable to "push"? Wow! Very touchy! I still believe she meant it as a joke, just to provide entertainment during the boring and stressful lockdown.

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