• September 23rd, 2020

Top trending - Mich’s DStv Lite proposal

The top trending clip on our radar is from local comedian Mich Gaoseb who plays the parody of Oucie Regulinde who gets through to her church members that after the service they are going to have an after-service session and watch DStv.
The two ladies say they have DStv premium and compact respectively. “I was thinking that after the church service, we can go and have a festive season at my house where I am going to buy free pizzas,” suggested Oucie Regulinde.
The clip has garnered more than 7 000 views, close to 300 shares, and numerous comments on Facebook. “Talented brother. Keep up the good work brother,” commented JBoz Makhalemel.

The lady sitting next to him says: “No Oucie Regu, why don’t we do it at my house.” Another lady interjected and offered her place plus she has the biggest deal which is a DStv compact bouquet to which the two ladies ask which subscription Oucie Regu has. 
“I am having DStv Lite, there is nobody who has it in this universe, just me,” she said once questioned where she got it.
This would be a brilliant marketing strategy for DStv if they could use this clip to promote subscriptions and it’s a rib cracker with the comedian code-mixing, using local languages like Afrikaans, a little bit of English here and there, incorporating Khoe-Khoegowab.
 –    psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-08-17 16:21:12 | 1 months ago

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