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Tswazis turn a new leaf with reunion tour

2021-09-17  Strauss Lunyangwe

Tswazis turn a new leaf with reunion tour
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Eldazz Eldicko Geiseb from the popular group Tswazis had tongues wagging when he posted a picture on social media of him, Raxa and former bandmate Kaptein Tswazi in a group hug but with the faces turned away from the camera.

The reporter recognised Kaptein Tswazi from behind and approached Eldazz for information, upon which he revealed they have buried the hatchet and will be doing a reunion tour together for their fans.

“We have resolved our issues of the past and decided to do something special for the fans. We are even doing business together and have that friendship bond,” he explained.

Eldazz told VIBEZ! they are still busy with their respective projects and have not discussed getting back together as of yet. 

“You don’t know what the future holds – but for now, we are focused on the tour. First show is on 30 September at Experience Lounge, with further dates to be announced later.” 

The group separated in 2015 as tension grew between them, allegedly because of absenteeism. 

The trio won Album of the Year at the NAMAs that year but questions were asked when Raxa and Eldazz performed without Kaptein Tswazi, known that time as Ou-zitt. 

The back-and-forth feud drew a wedge between them, which almost made this reunion impossible.

On his part, Kaptein Tswazi said this is for the fans, creating a platform for them to get together, since restrictions have been lifted a bit. 

“Eldazz came up with the idea, and it will be great to treat them to some of the hits we did together.’’

“This is not about getting back together; for now, it’s about working together. Maybe we might be doing features together, because we have cleared everything and made peace. It’s only good vibes amongst ourselves now.”

He feels it would be nice to see their fans support all of them collectively, instead of fans having to choose sides, hence their tour that they aim to take to other towns.

Since their separation, the duo and solo act have done well by releasing hit singles and albums consistently.

The ‘Dikaka’ hitmakers will be joined on stage by Adora, Cassidy, Chester House Prince and Webster as MC.



2021-09-17  Strauss Lunyangwe

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