• September 20th, 2019

Uis critiques appointment of new chief

Paulus Shiku

WINDHOEK – Some members of the Daure Daman community at Uis in Erongo Region are questioning the recognition of chief Zacharias Seibeb.

Chief Seibeb is the tribal head of the Daure Daman Traditional Authority. Speaking to New Era on Wednesday, two members of the traditional authority council said the community is not aware of any consultations with regard to the appointment of the new chief.

Seibeb initially became the acting chief of the Daure Daman following the death of long serving chief Elias Thaniseb in 2017.

“We only knew that he was acting, but recently, we as a community were shocked to notice that he is a fully appointed chief. When and how his appointment was done is a mystery,” said John Gariseb. He accused the newly appointed chief of manipulating a small group of community members and the elders’ council to succeed in his recognition. “Even when he calls community meetings, people do not attend in numbers because they do not understand how he became chief,” claimed Gariseb.

Gariseb indicated the community members guided by him and another council member Werner Thaniseb will prepare a petition next week to raise the matter.

It will be forwarded to the traditional authority, Erongo Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua and to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga. 

Giving his side, Thaniseb said proper procedures were not followed in appointing the new chief. He said this is because the whole community was not consulted but only a few people close to the chief.
As such, he said they feel neglected and ignored.

“We do not want to overthrow the chief and replace him, he is our uncle, but what we demand is that the process must be transparent and procedural,” he said.

He noted that the fear is that very soon the community will be split into factions due to this situation. “It is a serious matter in Uis, the people are complaining, some are saying he is not their chief because they do not know how he got on the chair.”

Thaniseb noted that their intention is to keep the community united and develop the area.
“We have the interest of the community at heart, we should therefore not be seen as detractors, or a concerned group,” Thaniseb noted.

Another issue raised was that chief Seibeb has been refusing to meet the community when they ask for audience to give their complaints on the matter. “Since 2017, we have been writing letters requesting to see him but he writes us back in a rude way, saying he does not address meetings organized by individuals.” Seibeb on Wednesday responded that government officially recognized his appointment as chief last year.

“It is funny how some people will come up with claims like that, if the process to appoint me was dodgy, then the President and minister would have not signed the documents to confirm my recognition.”

He said the community was informed about his recognition at a meeting last year where a government representative was present. On refusing to give audience to his followers, the chief said he informed them that at the time they requested a meeting he was busy with other serious work.

“For instance the last time they sent me a letter this month, I said we were organizing a festival and the tombstone unveiling of our late chief. This is why I could not meet them.”
A community meeting is thus scheduled for this weekend where the issues will be clarified.

New Era Reporter
2019-05-24 09:19:15 3 months ago

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