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Unlocking //Kharas’ tourism potential

2019-11-14  Staff Reporter

Unlocking //Kharas’ tourism potential
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Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP - The //Kharas Regional Council leadership and other relevant stakeholders gathered in the capital of the south earlier this week to set the basis for the creation of a tourism forum. 
In her keynote address, delivered on her behalf by special advisor Stephanus Dax, regional governor Lucia Basson asserted the tourism stakeholder workshop’s outcome would be felt far and wide throughout the tourism sector. Basson further called on the Namibia Tourism Board to assist the region by providing market performance-related data, as well as updates on arrivals and movement of tourists into and out of the country. 
“This, I believe, will help us in planning for tourism growth and investment creation,” the politician elaborated. 
She carried on by highlighting the importance of equipping regional leadership with such information in order for them to investigate ways to capitalise on tourism for the benefit of all inhabitants. 
“I would already like to reiterate the importance of the development of a tourism master plan, which will enable us as leadership and stakeholders to manage tourism growth for the future,” acclaimed Basson. 
She was further adamant that the tourism sector has a far-reaching effect on other sectors and industries. 
In terms of promoting tourism on rural level, the regional governor believes this can provide for much-needed cash injections in terms of services that can be offered at upcoming tourist establishments. 
She then reasoned that the private sector, with their wealth of experience in the tourism industry, could play a significant role in promoting the sector in the region by forming partnerships with public entities. 
Basson further stressed the importance of supporting individuals and communities in order to benefit from tourism. She then emphasised the benefit of Namibia’s nature-based tourism, referring to the country’s mind-blowing and breath-taking scenery and landscape. 
“Government wishes to promote cultural tourism and attract tourists to these regions, but will they really come if we cannot assure their safety and security in our regions?” she inquired as matter of concern.  She then urged those present to take care of visitors and welcome them as their personal guests.

2019-11-14  Staff Reporter

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