• June 5th, 2020

‘Untitled’ celebrates unsung artists

WINDHOEK- A new local web series titled ‘Untitled’, which follows the lives of seven different artists in Windhoek, aims to show how artists are people and how they struggle, especially in their line of work and finding their place in the industry.

Director Lavinia Kapewasha informed this reporter that ‘Untitled’ is a love letter of some sort from them to Namibia, about the lives of artists, based on their peers, themselves and a little embellishment. 
“It explores the lives of people who are sometimes forgotten, neglected, not appreciated or even at times too appreciated. Those that chose to not follow a career path of becoming a doctor/accountant/lawyer in life,” she said.

Jenny Kandenge, the producer of the show, informed Entertainment Now! that when they started the show they had already decided that they would put it on YouTube against first pitching to any local TV station. 
“Of course, we would’ve loved to have it on TV but our aim was always to take it across the borders, to a bigger audience, and with YouTube, we are able to do that. It is disappointing that there is barely any support to air local content but we didn’t let that stop us,” she explained.

The series has 10 episodes, while only 8 episodes so far have been loaded on their YouTube channel. The last two episodes will be released by November 18th. The series is partly self-funded while also receiving a small grant from the Namibian Film Commission for equipment, transport and food.

The cast consists of six lead actors and one supporting actor, who was invited to audition. They wanted the characters to be as real as possible, which they managed to do, as all embodied the characters, and being the actors they are they easily could relate to their roles. Some of the cast members they saw in other productions, some they met randomly and invited them for auditions, and some they searched on social media.

Now, they are looking for sponsorship for season 2, but Kapewasha would love to expand the show to maybe 12 or more episodes. “If we’re lucky, 20 episodes. And most importantly, making it longer, we know everyone wants it to be 30 minutes long. If we do get the funding that is our plan. We want to make ‘Untitled ‘ a lifestyle,” she explained.

On her part, Kandenge said she felt more local stories needed to be produced so that the film industry can grow and be appreciated by the people around the world. “Tell your stories, stories close to your heart. Do your part and the universe will meet you halfway. Also please watch our show,” she said.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-11-15 10:55:39 | 6 months ago

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