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Useb aims for top goal-scorer award

2023-10-12  Maurice Kambukwe

Useb aims for top goal-scorer award

Your most memorable match?

The match between Orlando Pirates and Eleven Arrows when I came in from the bench to score a winning goal for my team.


Your biggest career disappointment?

Yoh, probably back in 2017 when I went for a trial at Pirates, and it was a disastrous week. Luckily, I left and immediately signed up for Life Fighters the same day, which was a Friday. I started my first game for Life Fighters on Saturday, and the rest is history. So, it was a blessing in disguise.


Can you tell me about your upbringing and how your early life experiences influenced your passion for football?

Growing up, I had a tight-knit group of friends, and we all had one thing in common: we loved football. That was the type of peer pressure I needed because, without them, I don’t think I would have achieved any of the things that I have done so far.


What initially drew you to football, and were there any family members or friends who played a significant role in nurturing your talent?

Growing up in Outjo, I was constantly at the soccer field – being a ball boy at Golden Bees matches in the then Namibia Premier League (NPL). That is when I saw many talented footballers, but the one who stood out was Heroldt Haimbondi. I fell in love with football under the mentorship of Hennie Kavendjii during my junior days. That is where my talent was really nurtured. I’ve always been a hard worker, and I think that helped me a lot.


Your current form is outstanding, consistently scoring in nearly every game. What do you attribute this incredible form to?

I would say the new environment I found myself in has helped a lot. Seeing things from a new perspective, as well as my teammates and management, has helped me a lot. Everything is just aligning perfectly now.


Afcon is in less than 100 days from now; are you looking at getting yourself into the squad with the form you are in?

Hopefully! I believe it is every player’s dream to represent their country at the highest level, and if I keep working hard and maintain a consistent level of performance, anything is possible.


Have you made any specific changes to your training routine or lifestyle that you believe have contributed to your success on the field?

Nothing specific, but the new environment at the new club has played a crucial role in my current performance and form. It’s ultimately all about hard work and consistency.


Who has been the most influential person or coach in your football career, and how have they helped you develop as a player?

There are so many individuals to mention, but I would say Hennie Kavendjii, the coach, plus my siblings and my girlfriend, as well as friends who support me throughout my bad or good days, have helped boost my confidence to go forward with my career.

What is your perspective on the current state of the Debmarine Premiership, and are there any improvements or changes you’d like to see in the league?

Overall, the fact that we have a league that is active is already something positive, and we can thank the league administrators for that. In the future, I would like to see the league professionalised so the players can make a decent living from football and not just for survival. I also hope we can do away with doubleheaders in the future; it’s very demanding, considering the distances we have travelled during a single match week.


Looking ahead, what are your goals and ambitions in football – both at the club level and on the national stage?

Personally, I want to maintain my consistency and keep scoring goals, hopefully winning the top goal-scorer award. With my club aiming to finish as high as possible in the league, winning the league will be a peak achievement. On a national level, representing my nation again will be a major achievement.


Your ambitions for 2023 and beyond

Winning the NPFL and playing for the Brave Warriors

2023-10-12  Maurice Kambukwe

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