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What the Brave Warriors pocketed at Afcon…breakdown of bonuses, appearances fees and more

2019-07-05  Otniel Hembapu

What the Brave Warriors pocketed at Afcon…breakdown of bonuses, appearances fees and more

WINDHOEK – Despite failing to progress past the group stage at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) in Egypt, Brave Warriors players and technical staff are guaranteed to walk away with hefty sums of money in bonuses, appearance and call-up/camping fees.

As per the allocations in the multimillion dollar budget for Namibia’s participation at this year’s Afcon, which saw the Brave Warriors lose all three of their group matches against giants Ivory Coast, Morocco and regional rivals South Africa, N$2.3 million was allocated for the players’ call-up/camping fees and N$1,680,000 was set aside for players’ appearance fees.

A quick breakdown of the N$2.3 million for the players’ call-up/camping fees, will see each of the 28 players that were called up for camp in Dubai pocketing N$82 000 and the amounts add to the N$180 000 qualification bonus the players each got for qualifying Namibia to the 2019 Afcon – i.e. those that were part of the Afcon qualifiers squad already pocketed the N$180 000. 

As for the N$1,680,000 allotment for the players’ appearances fees, each player, especially the regular starters, is guaranteed to take home N$73 000 in appearance fees each.

Meaning for senior players like captain Stigga Ketjijere, Benson Shilongo, Peter Shalulile other regular starters for the national team that participated in the Afcon qualifiers – including the 4-1 defeat against Zambia that saw Namibia qualify at the expense of Mozambique – they stand to pocket a combined N$335 000 altogether (N$180 000 qualification bonus, N$82 000 call up/camping fees and N$73 000 in appearance fees).

What is however puzzling about Namibia’s Afcon budget allocations is the fact that the players’ call-up/camping fees (N$2.3 million) is much more than the appearance fees (N$1,680,000), which is naturally not the case in many football set-ups. 

What that also means is that players like goalkeeper Virgil Vries, defender Chris Katjiukua and others that did not make the final 23-man Afcon squad still pocketed the N$82 000 in call-up/camping fees.
As for the three coaching staff, who comprise head coach Ricardo Mannetti and his two assistants Ronnie Kanalelo and Colin Benjamin, a handsome N$720 000 in appearance fees and N$600 000 in call-up/camping fees were set aside for the three coaches in the budget that was leaked to the media and public ahead of Namibia’s Afcon participation.

The coaching staff allocation sees each coach taking home N$240 000 in appearance fees and N$200 000 each in call-up/camping fees – bringing it to a combined N$440 000 for each coach. 

The 23 players that represented Namibia at Afcon are Ratanda Mbazuvara, Loydt Kazapua, Max Mbaeva, Ryan Nyambe, Larry Horaeb, Denzil Haoseb, Ivan Kamberipa, Charles Hambira, Riaan Hanamub, Ananias Gebhardt, Absalom Iimbondi, Willy Stephanus, Petrus Shitembi, Ronald Ketjijere, Dynamo Fredericks, Marcel Papama, Manfred Starke, Deon Hotto, Itamunua Keimuine, Benson Shilongo, Peter Shalulile, Joslyn Kamatuka and Isaskar Gurirab.

2019-07-05  Otniel Hembapu

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