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WHERE ARE NOW? Tre is still in the kasie

2021-04-23  Strauss Lunyangwe

WHERE ARE NOW? Tre is still in the kasie

When Kwaito was the main genre ruling the airwaves, it was hard not to miss songs that Tre Van Die Kasie helped make popular such as ‘Can you feel it’ by King Tee Dee. 

This former Mshasho soldier, whose real name is Tretius Kauhangengo, is known for writing and performing big hits back in the day.

VIBEZ! looked him and found that he is still doing music, but on a part-time basis.

“Tre is doing great. I have been missing on the entertainment scene, focusing on other aspects of life and family. I’m full-time employed and music became, sort of, a part-time hobby but I’m still very passionate about it,” the soft-spoken lyricist said.

He is currently employed at the home affairs, immigration and safety ministry, doing border control. 

Tre said that he learned a lot under the Mshasho label. They introduced him to the mainstream entertainment industry and eventually signed up for one album. But when his contract with them lapsed, he put music on hold to pursue other plans.

He maintained that the relationship with his former boss is intact and they are in touch. They might do something together again in future, he hinted.

Asked about his most memorable experiences he said: “There were so many memorable experiences cos we had a solid team, but winning awards for collaborations is one. Personally, being nominated in six categories for the Nama awards, remains the highlight of my musical career.”

Tre said his time in the industry taught him to be focused, have perseverance and work hard, as talent is not enough.

With over 15 years in music, he advised other musicians to invest their earnings to secure their future.

“Music is a short career and you’ll need something to fall back on. So, make the most of the opportunities today and understand that it’s business”.

Tre also urged musicians to believe in themselves and have an identity, and explicitly warned them to stay away from drugs and to not abuse alcohol.

Tre stated that he is not yet done with music and still has something to offer.

“I’m planning on releasing at least two more albums before I say goodbye to the industry,” he concluded.





2021-04-23  Strauss Lunyangwe

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