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Younotus, Micasa video set to premiere

2021-04-01  Strauss Lunyangwe

Younotus, Micasa video set to premiere
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German music video producer Marvin Ströter recently roped in the services of Award-winning artist EES to help him shoot the music video for Younotus, featuring MiCasa from South Africa.

EES told VIBEZ! that five years ago, he invited Marvin to Namibia – and since then, he wanted to come back to Namibia again and this was his chance. “I organised the whole video, 14 people crew with accommodation, transport, models, dancers and locations, etc. This is how I then also got to meet MiCasa – but this was not the first time – because in 2012, they handed Mandoza and me the Award for Best Kwaito in Soweto Channel O Music Video Awards. They remembered when I asked them – this was actually a funny moment at the beginning of the music video shoot,” he explained.

The kwaito star owns a production company on top of the many businesses he has, which he started six years ago called Coolbox Cinema. The company has produced many videos for big lodge brands and other companies over the years. “I have always cut, edited and colour graded my own music videos since the start of my career. That is why I know what it takes to produce big video productions. This has helped me over the years to cut my videos exactly the way I want them and have people see exactly what I want them to see in my videos and tell the stories how I think they should be told. This is a lot of work – but it’s the variety between making music and video productions that’s keeping the fire burning,” he explained. With over 75 music videos produced so far, The Nam Flava ambassador says the ‘Original’ music video stands out for him because it took him 10 days to shoot. The concept behind the latest video, which is set to premiere tomorrow, was to capture the exact right moments of the Namibian vibe, people and the atmosphere.  “The storyline was very basic having MiCasa and Younotus go from one party to another celebrating life to the fullest – because that is what the song is all about. We shot in Windhoek and Swakopmund because South Africa, due to the Corona mutation, was not an option – and since the song has an African vibe. Namibia was chosen to be the best location for this new song,” he noted. The Namibian-German native feels music videos are the best way to give the listener some images of what music and artist feel like and what it represents. “In my personal opinion, most videos only like showing half-naked ladies, expensive cars and money, which is very dull and not creative. It gives the young generation the wrong ideas of living a successful and fulfilling life. Let us use the power of images and light to take the music experience to another level,” he ended. -

2021-04-01  Strauss Lunyangwe

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