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Staff Reporter

WINDHOEK – Have you dreamt of putting aside a little extra in a foreign currency for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday abroad? Or just simply being able to save and transact in foreign currency to avoid having all your ‘eggs in one basket’? 

“Now is your chance,” says Neville Ntema of FNB Namibia, whose bank offers the exciting Global Account. Ntema explains: “A Global Account is an account in a foreign currency that allows you to invest your foreign investment allowances. There are no account fees and no interest is earned on this account.”

“You will be able to make payments to offshore beneficiaries while your earnings from abroad can be paid into your Global Account. You are furthermore able to keep earnings received from abroad in foreign currency and cash out your pounds, euros and US dollars, during and after your travel and you can use your Global Account to order, reload and cash out your foreign currency.” 

This account is held in Namibia and has the elements of an offshore account. Customers can put money into the account in Namibia as it can be linked to the customer’s other accounts via the internet or the FNB App.

This fantastic opportunity, the bank says, is open to any Namibian who is 18 years or older, has the minimum opening balance of N$ 10 000, is a registered tax payer and whose FNB lifestyle account is in good standing. “We look forward to assisting our existing and potentially new customers with this great new Global Account and any of our nearest branches,” Ntema said.  

Photo: Ntema