Air Namibia Exco members sign performance agreements

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Staff Reporter

Air Namibia Executive Committee (Exco) members recently signed performance agreements as a commitment to attain strategic objectives outlined in the national airline’s five year strategic plan for the period 2016/17 to 2020/21. The signing ceremony took place at Air Namibia’s Strategic Intent launch on April 19, 2017 at the airline’s headquarters in Windhoek.

Advocate Mandi Samson, acting managing director of Air Namibia, described the launch of the strategic intent as a stepping-stone in the right direction. “The signing of departmental performance agreements reflects accountability in an effort to achieve identified strategic objectives.”

“With our strategic plan, we have an effective tool to ensure that Air Namibia becomes a financially sustainable organisation, attractive to our shareholder, clients and employees, and accountable to the Namibian nation,” said Samson.

Air Namibia is a year into the implementation of the five year strategic plan (2016/17–2020/21), which aims to drive the national airline towards the journey of financial sustainability by providing exceptional customer service, ensuring impeccable operational effectiveness and efficiency, maintaining relevant and appropriate compliance, establishing and leveraging off synergistic strategic partnerships and nurturing a result-based organisation culture.

Adv Samson encouraged the national airline’s employees to redirect their efforts towards the strong accelerated delivery of the strategy. She advised; “I strongly believe that our strategic goals are achievable, but they can only be realised if we invest in our efforts and time, while working as a team with the big picture in minds.”

“My dream is for Air Namibia to achieve a point where its value is also reflected by a sound financial position. I wish to see Air Namibia as the premier choice for all travellers, when they wish to embark on their trips connecting to the Land of the Brave. To achieve this dream, we need to pull our efforts together in the same direction,” Samson concluded.

Air Namibia’s mandate is to provide air transport service to promote tourism and encourage investment in Namibia.