• December 13th, 2018
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Farmers Forum

Farmers must pay heed to growth at home strategy

WINDHOEK – Farmers must follow and adhere to the government’s “Growth at Home Strategy” to accelerate growth in the agricultural sector through governance, productivity, and competitiveness, driven by close cooperation between the government, farmers, and businesses.


Van Heerden  is weaner winner for 2018

WINDHOEK - Woman power ruled again this year when Loraine van Heerden, owner of Lorden Brahman, was crowned National Weaner Champion for 2018 at a gala dinner attended by sponsors, participants of the competition, invited guests and the Agra management team, at the River Crossing Lodge.


Meatco’s turnaround strategy paying dividends, says CEO

WINDHOEK - After one of its most turbulent years, acting CEO of Meatco Jannie Breytenbach says the Meatco board of directors strongly believes the company as per their vision can still be the preferred marketing channel for Namibian livestock farmer and to promote the most sought-after meat brands in the long-term interest of our stakeholders.

LPO  discusses marketing access for communal farmers

WINDHOEK - Given that 60-70 percent of weaners that are marketed come from the communal sector, various strategies were discussed during the annual planning session of the Livestock Producers Organisation (LPO) held in Windhoek, on how to improve access to marketing channels for these communal farmers.

Roleplayers working round the clock to contain Anthrax

WINDHOEK – The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), together with the Regional, Local and Traditional Authorities, Ministry of Safety and Security, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, farmers and other stakeholders are working round the clock to ensure the Anthrax infected carcasses are disposed.


Smart farming practices spotlighted 

WINDHOEK- Smart Farming is the topic of a discussion on Thursday at the Namibia Institute of Personnel and Administration Management (NIPAM) Executive Conference Hall. The event is open to the public, but registration is essential. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Bank Windhoek website: www.bankwindhoek.com.na. 


Fence between Namibia and Angola not the option

WINDHOEK- The erection of a fence between Angola and Namibia is not an option due to historical commitments but zones must be created that are declared free of foot-and-mouth disease, says Dr Alex Toto, a private veterinary consultant with a good background on animal health status and trade. He was speaking at the annual planning meeting of the Livestock Producers Association (LPO)  last week.


Meat Board avails NS55 000 for brucella tests

WINDHOEK - Discussions at high levels continue after the Meat Board of Namibia has availed N$55 000 for the most necessary support to continue brucella tests for goat exports to South Africa, following a circular from the Central Veterinary Laboratory indicating that due to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry's cost-cutting measures, the laboratory is no longer in a position to carry out necessary tests for livestock and meat exports. 


Wheels in motion to bring back after-hours livestock auctions

WINDHOEK- The wheels have been set in motion to bring back after-hours auctions. Meetings are now being set up with the relevant authorities and if all goes well, buyers and sellers will next year be treated again to evening auctions that have attracted scores of attendants in the past before they were cancelled because  government was unable  to pay veterinarians  overtime for after-hours work.


Boesman’s offspring expected at Tura Expo

WINDHOEK - True to the saying “saving the best for last”, organisers of the annual Katutura Expo promised that the eighth edition of this hugely popular event has with intent been moved to this week to ensure Namibians the best possible entertainment. 


Veld fires are natural or man-made

Veld fires can occur naturally or as man-made. Naturally, veld fires are an event that serves an ecological role in its effects. The role of fire amongst others is to stimulate new plant growths and maintain vegetation structure.


Important to share land – Geingob

WINDHOEK - Lessons of the Second National Land Conference must be a caution to land owners about the importance to share, said President Hage Geingob when closing the conference on Friday after five days of intense deliberations on issues related to land.


Wry neck syndrome in poultry birds

Wryneck, also known as crooked/twisted neck refers to a muscular disorder in poultry manifested by a curved neck and limited head mobility. It is not an illness in itself but rather a symptom used to describe an abnormal head and neck position. It affects all poultry birds such as ducks, doves, chickens etc. and mostly occurs when birds are fed incorrect diets. 


NAU wants to know why government waived five million hectares of land offered

WINDHOEK –The prominent issue to be investigated and actions taken at the land conference are the reasons  and  challenges  as  to  why  the  Ministry  of  Land  Reform  waived  five million hectares of  land  offered  since 1992,  rather  than  abolishing  the principle of willing buyer, willing seller, says the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) president, Ryno van der Merwe.


Colonial wars dispossessed Namibians of their land

WINDHOEK – The colonial wars that ensued following the arrival of German troops and eventually culminated in the infamous genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama people, between 1904 and 1908, dispossessed Namibians of their land, by force and without compensation, said President Hage Geingob when opening the Second National Land Conference in Windhoek yesterday. 


Windhoek Show now open to all goats

WINDHOEK - Regulations for goat farmers have been relaxed for the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show, which starts this weekend with the only requirement being that an exhibitor must be a member of a goat society and does not have to be a member of a Namibian show society or a specific association.

World meat prices will not increase significantly

WINDHOEK - World meat prices will not increase significantly due to the limited global economic growth resulting in reduced meat consumption in contrast to increased meat production (15 percent) following herd rebuilding phases after droughts in major meat-producing countries.

Congresses to spotlight agricultural sector

WINDHOEK - The Livestock Producers Organisation’s congress on October 9, the Namibian Agricultural Union’s congress on October 11 will both look at pushing growth in the agricultural sector telling by their common theme: Ignite growth in agriculture – the basis for job creation and value addition. 


Increase in number of food insecure anticipated

WINDHOEK - Namibia’s total maize harvest intake has been completed and although an above average total cereal harvest is expected, a small increase which would primarily reflect the impact of poor rains this season, notably in the northwest, west and southern regions. 


Swakara industry set for another glamorous award ceremony

WINDHOEK - After world renowned designer from Paris Jørgen Simonsen last year made headlines with his Swakara’s 110-year anniversary opera coatdress, shot on location at sunset in the Deadvlei in the Namibian Desert by photographer Perer Christian Christensen and worn beautifully by Carmen Kass, the Swakara Industry Forum is set for another golden year.


Mbingeneeko & Son make clean sweep at Aminuis Show

WINDHOEK- Stud small stock breeder Nichlas Mbingeneeko and son, Vija,  of the farm Skuilhoek in the Aminuis Constituency swept the Aminuis Show clean  as far as the small stock are concerned when his two goats, a ram and ewe, were judged champions while his sheep, a Damara ewe, was also a champion in the sheep category.