Embrace inclusivity and sharing of resources – Esau

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The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhardt Esau, has appealed to those that have resources to embrace inclusivity of all by sharing the little they have, and desist from traditional tendencies of wanting to benefit alone, citing some in the private sector.

He made the appeal on Friday when he inaugurated a fish shop in Omuthiya under the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCP).

At the occasion Esau said NFCP is one of such companies that have shown a willingness to join forces with government in fighting poverty, as well as providing fish countrywide, thus bridging the gap with those far from the ocean.

Acknowledging that NFCP might be working with limited resources, he said it’s trying by all means in bringing much needed resources and services closer to the people.

He however lashed out at those that have resources but do not want to share, labelling them as selfish and arrogant.
“Those that have and think resources only belong to them, they must forget and should start sharing. They should start to bury their selfishness now or government will have to do it on their behalf,” stressed Esau.

“Who are you to think that everything belongs to you and you only want to benefit yourself? The world is even recognising us how we manage and share our resources, including all the efforts we have made so far,” stated Esau, while making reference to accolades bestowed on Namibia last week at a United Nations meeting hosted in France which the minister had attended.

In a speech read by the deputy chairperson of NFCT’s Board of Trustees, Julian Engelbrecht, on behalf of the chairperson Kantrina Sikeni, he said the trust remains operative on sound and transparent principles, which are to ensure accountability as per required statutes that govern its undertakings.

In the same vein Esau stated that “the trust remains a beacon of hope to millions of poverty-stricken Namibians, and it’s only through their efforts that government can boost that as it remains committed to uplifting people’s standard of living through ensuring food security.”

He cautioned employees to uphold customer service and avoid mistreatment of customers.
Meanwhile, last week Esau inaugurated another fish shop in Nkurenkuru in the Kavango West Region.