FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust and RNF strengthen ties

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WINDHOEK – The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust has reiterated its commitment to the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) by renewing membership for the current financial year. 

“In Namibia we also need to enhance our efforts of recycling, re-using and reducing waste that ends up on landfills. Our commitment to the RFN remains strong and we commend the work they do in our country,” said Revonia Kahivere, the foundation’s corporate social investment manager.

Anita Witt, coordinator of RFN, thanked the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust for their ongoing support and the relationship between the two parties which was formalised when FirstRand Namibia joined the RNF as a full member in the Large category in 2015. 

“FirstRand Namibia has been involved and very supportive of the RNF and its activities for a number of years – specifically in our Schools Recycling Competition.  During 2011/12, FirstRand Namibia donated recycling stands via its Global United Football Club Climate Kick initiative to several schools in Windhoek, the coast and the north.

This support by FirstRand Namibia was instrumental in getting this important project off the ground and saw the number of schools increase from 10 to close on 40 in 2012. In 2016, a further recycling stand donated by FirstRand Namibia enabled the town of Aranos to become the first town to collect, sort and transport recyclables to Windhoek.

This donation was in support of Mrs Retha Olivier’s Trots Aranos project, and she has since gone on to win numerous awards for her community involvement and upliftment,” said Witt.  

Earlier this year, FirstRand Namibia and RMB proved their innovative spirit again by becoming the first institution to set up collection points for used household batteries within their offices (one on each floor) which is in line with their green building and ensuring that waste is properly and correctly disposed of.