• April 8th, 2020

25 minors raped in  Oshikoto in 15 months

ONKUMBULA - Sexual abuse among children and women remains rampant in Oshikoto Region, where a staggering 25 cases of rape involving minors were reported to the police between January, 2018 and May this year. 

Many of these heinous acts were perpetrated by relatives of the minors - such as nephews, brothers, uncles and domestic workers employed in their homes. The statistics were provided by the Inspector for Community Affairs Ellen Nehale, during the commemoration of the International Day of the African Child held at Onkumbula Combined School on Friday.

Nehale further revealed that under the same period, two murders involving minors were reported, with a father having murdered his own child as well as an uncle.   She also said cases of concealment of birth were reported, and assault of minors. “Minors have been assaulted in such a way that they end up receiving medical attention.

Therefore, as police we shall never tolerate kangaroo courts that are illegally convened to decide the fate of others’ lives,” cautioned Nehale.  The International Day of the African Child is celebrated every year on June 16, to commemorate students who lost their lives during the Soweto uprising of 1976 when students protested against Bantu education system.  Nehale, urged parents to stop the tendency of neglecting their children by either leaving them alone at home, as there is an increase in cases of minors drowning in buckets of Oshikundu and water. “Leaving them home for months to look after themselves is a criminal case and one can be locked up for that,” warned Nehale.

“Let us join hands and take a pledge to secure the future of our tomorrow’s leaders in order to make a beautiful nation. I am also appealing to the teachers to be vigilant at times, thereby able to identify children with social problems like abused, bullied, raped or assaulted,” she added, saying its teachers responsibility to also safeguard children by virtue of being 

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2019-06-17 10:58:15 | 9 months ago

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