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50 receive plots in Katima Mulilo

2021-05-12  Staff Reporter

50 receive plots in Katima Mulilo
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Marythar Kambinda


KATIMA MULILOSix of the initial 50 plots at Extension 31, earmarked for the Build Together project, were handed over by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Erastus Uutoni to beneficiaries in Katima Mulilo on Monday.

Uutoni said his ministry is mandated to ensure that they assist the community when it comes to housing, and it is the responsibility of the town council to fulfil this mandate.

“On the piece of land that the council has, you have decided to start moving forward by allocating slowly until everyone is allocated land which is a good progress,” said the minister. 

He further indicated beneficiaries will be given loans, ranging from N$40 000 to N$80 000, through the town council. During the handover, the minister informed the beneficiaries that the loans were meant to give them a headstart for them to build their homes. “These loans are not for free, you will have to pay back the money so that others can also benefit,” he said. One of the beneficiaries, Inambao Millinga, who is visually impaired, could not hide his excitement. 

“I can’t even explain my happiness because I was not expecting it. When I heard this I was on my way to Otjiwarongo, I think it was on Friday… so when I received  the message, I was
very happy,” he stated.

2021-05-12  Staff Reporter

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