• August 4th, 2020

A cry of sorrow and grief

First Lady Monica Geingos has penned an emotional letter expressing her heartfelt condolences to the mother of two-week-old Charmaine Moss, who died last week after she was allegedly sexually violated by her own father. 
“We know that words have little meaning in moments such as these, we also know that it is impossible to understand the depth of your pain. What we do know is that prayer and counselling are effective methods in processing the life-long pain and trauma of tragic loss. Our hearts bleed with yours and our prayers rise in unison with all who grieve with you,” said Geingos in a letter addressed to Rosalina Moss. 

The monstrous incident has sent shockwaves across the country. “My staff members and I have been deeply touched by the circumstances in which you find yourself. We have dealt with many cases of violence and our experience makes us sensitive to the complexities involved,” said Geingos in the letter of condolence to the Rehoboth mother.

“Violence is often a manifestation of deeply-rooted psycho-social factors and as Namibians, it is time that we each take responsibility to reduce high levels of societal dysfunction. We strongly encourage help-seeking behaviour as hurt people often hurt others.” 
The 26-six-year-old father of little Charmaine appeared in court this week and was denied bail. The court refused to release the father on bail, citing police investigations are still at an early stage and he is facing serious charges, which, if found guilty, will attract a lengthy jail term.  
Furthermore, it would not be in the interest of the public or administration of justice for him to be released on bail. 
Given that investigations are still ongoing, the court postponed the matter to 22 September. 

Geingos also made an impassioned plea to residents of Rehoboth. “At this juncture, I would like to talk to the community of Rehoboth, through you. We may have been brought together by a tragic event but what will keep us together is the hope, love and compassion you have shown,” Geingos said. 
“Please continue to love and care for one another. Let us adopt help-seeking behaviour so that each of us seeks the necessary help for whatever we know is not right in our lives. Let us also encourage our family, friends and neighbours to seek professional help when they are struggling.”


Staff Reporter
2020-07-24 09:53:16 | 11 days ago

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