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A honeymoon getaway at NWR's Popa Falls

2020-12-11  Paheja Siririka

A honeymoon getaway at NWR's Popa Falls
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Waking up to birds chirping, sounds of water flowing and breathing a different type of oxygen is heaven. These and many other nature experiences are one would feel when waking up at Popa Falls in the Mukwe constituency of the Kavango East region. 

The Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR) falls is home to 10 river cabins, six river chalets, four luxury units and 10 campsites. As much as I would recommend the standard ones – those without TV since most of us are already exposed to so much screen time, it is all up to you and your significant other to decide which units to take. 

Popa Falls Resort is a gateway to the northeastern corner of Namibia, so if you are in the capital, it will take you about 55 minutes with a plane – and depending on how you drive, more than 12 hours of driving, but who is in a rush.
Because of my work, which exposes me to plenty of screen time, I was in the river chalets. I was exposed to little screen time – only my phone. Again, choose the chalets with no TV; you will thank me. Appreciate nature and what local tourism industry players are doing to keep such scenery treasurable.

As a couple on honeymoon, you will need this type of scenery. Firstly, the concern on a lot of people is the rooms. At the falls, the rooms have stunning views facing the thick forest of the Hippo Island and overlooking the slow running Kavango River – and as usual, there are two beds, but you won’t really need both since you are one. 
Because of the setting, the fall has mosquito nets, shower essentials, wardrobes, BBQ facilities – and knowing that we have been experiencing so much heat, there are air conditioning facilities as well.

A very important disclaimer is that the falls are not really falls – not like the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in southern Africa between Zimbabwe and Zambia or the Epupa Falls, a series of large waterfalls created by the Kunene River on the border of Angola and Namibia. 

Popa Falls are a series of cascades created naturally over time by the running river, which splits the rock and forms a vast network of river channels.
With an array of activities you can embark on as a couple, Popa Falls will give you never-ending experiences of the best boat cruises, which include fishing trips – and to the animal lovers, there are daily game drives and private guided trips to Mahango Core Area and Buffalo parks.

The game drive
With an experienced tour guide, you are destined to be taken through a journey of dealing with Namibia’s unique beauty.
As grown as I am, for the first time I was up close and personal with elephants. Seeing a herd of them will make one feel like a child in a candy store. With nature like that, it was a true moment. I made sure I was in the moment; all I had was the camera – and that’s it.  
You will experience a surrounding and inhabitant of Buffalos, Giraffes, Impalas, crocodiles, Zebras, Hippopotamus and many others.

The boat cruise and 
fishing trip
The Popa Falls experiences will introduce you to nature at its best with cruising in the Kavango River and an ultimate fishing expedition, something you probably haven’t done.  The wonders of this is you do stand a chance of meeting the locals fishing the old fashioned way with fishing nets and they are quite friendly – and you could learn a thing or two about their only means of survival in the north-eastern parts of Namibia.
Give yourself and your person a break; you have worked too hard this year.

2020-12-11  Paheja Siririka

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