• June 2nd, 2020

A look into the life of a fitness trainer

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Lee-andro Likius Keshe Neshila is a force to reckon with when it comes to gym activities. He was recently awarded for his work at the Simply You Magazine, Lifestyle and Fashion Awards for Favourite Fitness Personality for 2019. 

He informed Entertainment Now! that apart from ensuring people’s bodies are well-toned, he is the co-founder and owner of a bouncing and VIP protection company called Warriors Special Services. 
“We specialise in bouncing services for major local events such as NAMAs from 2016 to 2018, celebrity VIP driving and bodyguarding. So, the likes of international artists/celebrities such as Davido, Runtown, Emtee, Rebecca Malope, Bonang Mateba, and many others, are under our scorecard,” said Neshila.

The fitness enthusiast, who has done Local Government Studies and holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the University of Namibia, had a clear idea on how he wanted his body to look like. Neshila had body goals and was determined to meet them. He started to work towards these goals and it eventually turned into a lifestyle. When the results started to show, people around him got inspired and asked if he would help them with their body goals.

That was when he realised he could train others. “With that I started doing research. I read a lot of books and information on fitness and how to become a trainer. I have never looked back ever since,” said Neshila.
The award-winning trainer is expanding his craft and is studying fitness and health lifestyle. “Not just the aspects of fitness and its health benefits but the business side of it all. Nutrition is the most important element in the client’s regimen. For the client to achieve their goals and objectives, they need to know those body goals are made in the kitchen, which accounts for about 80 percent and 20 percent in the gym. Meaning that you can have the best workouts in the world but if you are failing to consume the right food and drinks, your goals are far-fetched,” explained Neshila.

As far as supplements are concerned, Neshila recommends the natural route all the way. “It takes hard work and dedication though, that’s why some people will prefer to go the easy way of supplements. I build my body on natural food and hard work, consistency, discipline. I preach these to my clients all the time. So, the answer will be no, I don’t and won’t recommend the use of supplements,” advised Neshila.

Coming from a background of hardships, Neshila takes pride and joy in his son as his motivation whenever he feels discouraged and that is what keeps him going forward. He urges fitness enthusiasts to stay real and advises clients, who want assistance from a trainer to research on the trainer, have references from people with real success stories.

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