• August 14th, 2020

A note to Namibian parents     

Our country has a small population and it is not so difficult to lean towards or link up with the diverse cultures of our nation through school, church and work, to mention but a few.

Our lifestyles are differentiated based on income; religion etc. however, there seems to be a bit of negligence on parenting which I believe is the root cause of most social problems in our communities. 

We are fully aware that people become who they are raised to be, there is a limited percentage of individuals who are bold enough to break through to be who they are destined to be. The environment and its people depends on each other. 
According to our evolvement as human beings, we used to eat raw meat but later started cooking before eating it. It applies to the upbringing as well, if you never tell a child how it is done, they will never know how. 

There are few findings based on experience and observation which triggered this note which I am about to outline. In our communities, parents bring the child in the world but fail to know who their children really are nor what their dreams are which is really heart breaking. A Namibian child needs to be told what is right and wrong as well as being monitored if they are really adhering to it. 

Some kids are left to play in streets until whatever time they please because their parents are apparently too busy to make sure they get home at an appropriate time. Parents need to understand that they can’t live different from their children. 
If you are a successful parent but your child ends up in streets then just know you have failed to take charge of your parental role in your child’s life. Some parents think its best when a child fears them because they feel respected that way. 

But this could be wrong beloved parents, it is best when respect is reciprocated and your child is comfortable to communicate freely with you. Respect is only best when it is reciprocated, let the child know how to respect you but create a room for you to learn from the child too. Teach them how to respect all other elders and their peers too. 

Some children are raised with bitterness and grow up thinking it is a normal thing to do to others. Failure to do so they will become heartless and aggressive human beings in our communities. Do not let the Namibian nation suffer the consequences for your negligence.

Some kids are depressed without their parents’ knowledge. If you love your child you will pay attention to their behaviour and see how you can assist them, a child depends so much on the parents and look up to them, if parents can take advantage of that then most kids will live a happier life and this will contribute a lot to Namibian success. 
Some parents prefer eating at restaurants instead of buying groceries for the house, and the kids have no option but to depend on neighbours. Yet they expect this kids to perform in schools. It is impossible. 

If we can refer to one South African documentary featuring serial criminal ‘Maleven”, the man stated so well that his parents never sent him to school, but he needed to survive, and the only way out was to commit crime because he also needs food and shelter. 

The Namibian government has implemented free education, the ministry of poverty eradication now pays a N$250 per child, our government is really trying, but it is up to the parents to utilise this resources otherwise they will jeopardise their children’s future. Should this prevail, then we are looking forward to more crime. Failure to discipline them will lead to an educated nation that is heartless and greedy.  

A parent does not need money to love your child enough to groom them into successful beings that we need in our Namibian community. Children are created from love to begin with, but it is up to the parents to make them understand what love really is after they are born. Showing love to your offspring will let them realise the beautiful feeling it brings and will eventually become a habit they can portray to others as they grow up. Love starts from home. 

If a child observes the father opening doors for the mother, kiss her as a form of greeting when he comes home from work or trips, a child getting hugs and kisses from parents often, being told they are beautiful, helped with homework, and doing all lovely act, it will make the child feel loved and I believe that child will never be the opposite when they grow older. 

Well done to parents who understand children’s needs, the ones who work over time after a hectic day at work to ensure that they are providing for their children financially and emotionally. Harmorny must begin from home, eventually Namibia will become a better place. 

New Era Reporter
2019-03-01 10:09:09 | 1 years ago

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