• August 9th, 2020

A reflection on what makes sport enjoyable

With all sport on hold as the world continues to battle and overcome the coronavirus pandemic, I have taken the time to reflect on what makes sport enjoyable.
For me, no enjoyment compares to that of watching football. Many factors contribute to the universal love of football – not only the brilliant action and skills on display week-in and week-out but also the drama and passion a football match can create.
Football has a lot of similarities to other forms of entertainment like films and television dramas, but what sets football and all sport for that matter apart from these is there are no scripts or second chances to correct mistakes. Everything is live and performed at the moment. That circumstance creates unpredictability and drama as nothing else can.
Over the years, many football matches have produced drama and unexpected outcomes that leave all football fans on the edge of their seats, engrossed in what they are witnessing. This can be best evidenced by how Namibia won the 2015 Cosafa Cup.
In 2015, Namibia featured in six matches before they claimed the Cosafa Cup, the most games ever played in a single tournament and a long journey to the title for the Brave Warriors. 
During the quarterfinals, Namibia played against four-time winners Zambia. It was a breathtaking moment for many Namibians, as they did not expect the brave warriors to defeat Zambia. However, Namibia fought hard and forced the game to penalties, which made the atmosphere tenser.
In the end, though Zambia had perhaps edged the battle in the 90 minutes, they lost their cool in the shoot-out and the Brave Warriors scored all their spot-kicks. Hell broke loose as wild celebrations took off when Deon Hotto scored the winning penalty. 
The wild celebrations show the passion sport generates amongst supporters and everyone who watches it. Shouting and screaming, jumping off the seat, and punching the air in celebration or gesturing in frustration. You will regularly see tears – both of joy and sadness at an outcome of a crucial football match. 
There’s no other entertainment where you will see the audience passionately and emotionally react to a moment with loud and uncontrollable erratic expressions besides sports. 
So, let us have hope and look forward to a future when sport can be enjoyed again.  For the time being, we must stay safe and keep well. When sport returns, life will start to feel a bit more normal, and everyone can again enjoy the simple things that make life worth living.
* Stefan Ngolo is a sports enthusiast and sports education scholar. He can be reached at ngoloset@gmail.com.

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2020-04-22 10:37:45 | 3 months ago

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