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Activist donates trough to communal farmers

2020-07-21  Loide Jason

Activist donates trough to communal farmers
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Community activist Jackson Tjikomeno over the weekend donated a trough worth N$5 000 to the communal farmers of Otjaandjamwenyo village in the Ruacana constituency, Omusati region.
Tjikomeno, a 25-years-old nurse at Katutura intermediate hospital told New Era over the weekend said he made that kind of donation because he has the people’s needs at heart.

 “I can’t let this people suffer since the water comes from Ruacana, yet most places in Ruacana don’t have potable water since independence,” he said. He said that the water point is going to be used by all community members regardless of their political, economic, ethnic background meaning it’s for all community members, not a certain tribe or so.
It was a community water point installed by NamWater during the colonial era. However, he also paid for a new connection fee, water meter as well as water pipes.

The Otjaandjamwenyo people use to drink from a well, sharing with the livestock and wild animals and that water is not fit for human consumption. 
Their livestock use to drink from the sewage dams in the neighbouring village Ombuumbuu (6km).  

The community will be responsible for the payment of the water bills. “This water point was closed due to the high bills in 1999 up to date, it is not fair that people stay without water. This is just a beginning, I have to do more for the society as my social responsibility,” he explained.
Tjikomeno is part of the Ruacana Youth that have projects aimed to help the community of Ruacana and meet government halfway. 
It’s now up to the Otjaandjamwenyo people to come up with their committee for the water point to pay the water bills at the ministry of agriculture under the directorate of rural water supply. –

2020-07-21  Loide Jason

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