• April 1st, 2020

Adora catches flak over tribal remarks

Most Disciplined Artist of the Year (2017) Adora Kisting recently got tongues wagging when she said artists from the south of the country are unprofessional and drunkards compared to others. 

Adora, as she is popularly known, was being interviewed by a local radio station when she referenced why some artists get booked more than others.

Her comments drew the attention of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) youth who condemned her remarks. In a statement issued, the youth wing’s leader Duminga Ndala said such words not only degrade people of a certain tribe but place a certain tribe in a better position in society as opposed to the rest.

Ndala also highlighted the African continent has a long and brutal history of civil war as a result of tribalism, referring to the Rwandan genocide, sparked by tribal remarks on a radio show. “Thereon, such hideous comments should not be featured in public, as it may aggravate tribes to take up arms against each other because of its intensity and such is not our desire,’’ it read.

After much public outcry, Adora released a statement on her Facebook page that read “As a brand, I must most sincerely tender my apology for the mistuned and the subsequent interpretation other than what my core message was: showing up on time, avoiding being intoxicated on stage, having a knowledgeable management team and being hard working. As this may play an influence in how our clients may perceive us”.
Adora has taken note of the comments/suggestions and advice from industry peers – and she wishes to assure the public and her fans – her unreserved apology for the direction that her comments appear to have taken.

Adora’s manager AB Amushila said “She was just sharing her experience about what the underlying factors are: why these artists are not taken seriously by corporate companies. We have an underlying problem with alcohol and drug abuse on stages – and it is very common,” he said. According to him, industry leaders can testify that the Damara and Nama artists are problematic.

The comments have not been welcomed by the public, with many disagreeing this the award-winning artist.

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