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/Ae //Gams Arts and Cultural Festival back after 8 years

2023-04-06  Van Wyk Amutenya

/Ae //Gams Arts and Cultural Festival back after 8 years

Windhoek is gearing up for the popular /Ae //Gams Arts and Cultural Festival, which celebrates the city’s rich cultural diversity and artistic talent. 

The festival, established in 2001, has become one of the most culturally diverse events in the city, catering to all tastes with its wide range of activities.

Billed for 28 and 29 April, the gathering will take place under the theme ‘The place that we live in’, and is aimed at showcasing Namibia’s artistic and cultural diversity through, among others, its music, cuisine, traditional attire, theatre, dance and song, as well as visual arts and crafts from different cultural

New this year will be amagus (a ball game), ‘Blikkies vol maak’ (filling a can game) and owela (board games) competitions.

Additionally, the festival will focus on social awareness and economic development programmes, highlighting the festival’s commitment to promoting social cohesion while educating and inspiring the public.

It last took place in 2015.

City of Windhoek councillor Bernardus Araeb said at the launch on Tuesday night that the festival theme “represents the time to share with the world the riches of our city, the vibrancy of our cultures, and the resilient spirit of the nation”. 

“Our artists are our voices; they speak the untold history. Our artists are our conscience, and they speak the truth that we are afraid to tell,” he added.

Araeb noted that the festival, while celebrating Windhoek and its people, also seeks to boost tourism and earn recognition as an international festival.

Windhoek mayor Joseph Uapingene emphasised the importance of the festival in promoting the city’s creative industry, stating that the city intends to adopt new guidelines in the near future to include public artwork in its parks, streets and shopping malls, and with the city’s own buildings.

He said the city is streamlining operations to ensure joint projects, development and implementation earmarked for the creative industry.




2023-04-06  Van Wyk Amutenya

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