• August 5th, 2020

Agra launches Weaner Auction Championships for 2019

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The 2019 Agra National Weaner Auction Championships was launched last week Thursday with the aim of recognising and rewarding producers for good quality weaner calves. 
The regional manager for Agra Auctions Central, Herman Lintvelt, said the competition is going from strength to strength despite the many challenges that the farmers face. “In 2018 there were 261 lots countrywide, almost 50 more than the previous year, which is a good indication to us that the competition is still growing every year,” said Lintvelt. 
A total of 17 weaner calf auctions will be conducted this year, starting from 9 July in Outjo (in the Kunene region) ending on 17 September, in Graal in the Hardap region. “Agra places great importance on fertility, growth ability, the capacity to produce meat and apply farming practices such as branding, dehorning and mass uniformity, which are the key aspects for the weaner competition judging criteria,” said Lintvelt.
Agra will award prizes to winners in the categories of feedlot potential, veld potential, and heifers with breeding potential. The National Champion of last year was Lorraine van Heerden, the first-time winner from the Veld Potential Category, as well as the second woman, in the history of the competition, to win the title of National Champion. 
Agra CEO Arnold Klein expressed appreciation to the sponsors for this year’s competition. “Without the sponsors, this competition would not have been possible”, added Klein.
The total sponsorship for this year amounts to more than N$400 000, which will be used for various category winners at the various weaner auctions and the awarding of the national champion towards the end of the year. 
The broad farming community from both communal and commercial areas will participate in these auctions. In addition, competitive buyers from Namibia and neighbouring countries are expected to attend. 

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2019-05-14 09:59:52 | 1 years ago

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