• June 2nd, 2020

Ajax The Mess and the idea behind his NAMAs 2019 outfit....‘They are aware of me and the attention will be on my music’: Ajax the Mess

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Upcoming afro-pop artist Ajax the Mess wore his eye-catching outfit at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (Namas) 2019 to capture audience attention before venturing into music next year.

Ajax the Mess whose real name is Teofilus Namupala, 26, had tongues wagging about his shiny black jumpsuit with an attached silk flowery piece and handmade wooden shoes.

He told Entertainment Now! Nicoleen Tuyoleni Menjono of Damage Designs made his jumpsuit while a carpenter Mr Kuzi designed his wooden squared footwear.

“I have been attending the awards religiously since the inception, so for me, every year is bigger and better and this year it had to be crazier as I would like to perform at the Namas next year. The awards were amazing, crazy and epic. It felt different to have everyone looking at me because now they are aware of me and the attention will be on my music, to listen to the message,” explained Ajax the Mess who is a financial consultant by profession.

He further expounded the footwear was inspired by a traditional female entertainer commonly known as a Japanese geisha. It is based on a Japanese movie he watched and was instantly inspired. Initially, he was planning on wearing it at the Simply You Magazine, Lifestyle and Fashion Awards last year but couldn’t find an appropriate and experienced person to make them.

Ajax the Mess stated, at last, he found someone who bought into his crazy idea. “This time around, I got hold of Mr Kuzi who considered my crazy idea. And it took him four days to make the wooden squared shoes, ” he said.

The shoes are glued and pinned using woods and furthermore, tyre rubbers were used to position the feet. “They are were made from wood and were comfortable, believe it or not. It was heavy to walk in and seemed a little uncomfortable but I was very comfortable,” said Ajax the Mess, vetoing the assumptions on social media that it must have been uncomfortable for him to walk in them.

 “I wanted a nude look, something simple for my upper face and wanted the shoe to be the statement piece,” he further explained. 

The whole inspiration behind the attire and footwear that attracted a lot of attention at the awards were to push boundaries. “I am an upcoming artist that intends on pushing boundaries, not only for myself but for other people in the community as well, especially the LGBTQI+ folks but most importantly it is inspired by my song Trouble soon to be released,” said Ajax.

He wants to inspire the younger generation to be convinced that all is possible through hard work and intervention. 

He concluded by stating that his intention is to inspire young boys and girls and to encourage them that anything they put their mind to is possible.

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