• January 19th, 2020

Angra can unseat St. Boniface

LÜDERITZ - “I want us to keep in mind that with hard work we can achieve anything we can. Even knock St. Boniface, says Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School Head Girl, Mary Amutenya.

She hopes that this years’ Grade 12s gained a lot from the motivational talk by businessperson, Smos Shiyuka,  and will put this to good use in their lives. Shiyuka urged the learners to learn harder and also encouraged them to respect the elders, teachers, and most important to respect themselves. He reminded them to know their purposes in their lives advising learners to study for success, and to have a clear compelling dream. He said education come first and career he said with reference to himself as a footballer once. He was a footballer but injuries forced him to retire but because he has been educated he is a successful businessperson.   He encouraged the learners to study hard to fulfil their dreams.  They can do this by paying attention in class and taking good notes. 

He encouraged the learners to start studying now and not to wait to start studying at the end of the year. “Your School was number one in the region, hope to be number one in the country. If one can do it in the country why can’t you do it,” said Shiyuka advising them to limit their outings and socialising and to switch off social media during their study period. He further encouraged the learners to take education seriously and to choose education as the key to their success. Only through education can they take care of themselves, he said warning against indulging sexual activities drug abuse but to focus on education. He said drugs destroys a person’s life. Shiyuka urged the learners to remain in school and to avoid dropping out as it will lead them to becoming criminals.  He advised the learners to do research for their career by starting early to find the right choices. 

Lüderitz Waterfront Development Chief Exucutive Officer (CEO) Fluksman Samuehl said learner need motivation to do well in final examinations in view of the school’s ambition to be among the top ten best performers in the country. For the fifth consecutive year, Angra was ranked 1st in the Kharas Region in the NSSCO examination (2014-208) while on the national level, it was ranked 15th among all government schools in the country. 

Tuulikki Abraham
2019-03-06 10:42:10 | 10 months ago

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