• July 21st, 2019
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Animal reflector belt (ARB) can save lives, help farmers

Farmers Forum
Farmers Forum

Strauss Lunyangwe WINDHOEK – Thirty-eight-year-old Max Amesho has designed a three-in-one belt called animal reflector belt (ARB), which serves as a tick repellent, GPS tracker and reflector. Amesho, who has been a long-distance driver for many years, has seen how drivers have lost their lives when bumping into animals on busy roads. This prompted the idea to help decrease fatalities on the roads and also help farmers not lose their livestock. Clients will have the option to either attach the tick repellent or GPS tracker to suit their needs if they so wish. Amesho has tested the reflector with some farmers who have already bought the belt. He wishes that the belt will help farmers especially in the northern regions where livestock roam around freely with no supervision, especially at night. “If we can put up a policy that is basically like putting on a seatbelt when operating a vehicle, this can surely be a product that will save lives on the roads and decrease fatalities,’’ he says. He has registered the business, with all the necessary paperwork done, and started producing the belts locally. The leather belt reflector is set to cost N$250 for cows and the cotton polyester reflector will go for about N$150. Amesho hopes the government will come on board and support this initiative as he plans opening a fully-fledged manufacturing plant that can employ locals and supply places like Agriculture Namibia (Agra) that is in direct contact with farmers. He says he wants to contribute positively to the farming industry and the nation at large.
New Era Reporter
2018-06-12 09:20:56 1 years ago

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