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Anti-secessionist group condemn separatists

2019-11-14  Staff Reporter

Anti-secessionist group condemn separatists
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Aron Mushaukwa

KATIMA MULILO – The recently formed Namibians Against Secessionism in Zambezi Region group has condemned the activities of pro-secessionist activists in Zambezi, particularly by the Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) and ex-Dukwe refugees under the umbrella of the banned UDP.
Exiled politician Mishake Muyongo is the United Democratic Party (UDP) leader under whose ambit the repatriated Dukwe refugees and CCG have been advocating secessionism.
During a media briefing yesterday the anti-secessionist group led by Charles Siyauya said the notion to separate Zambezi from Namibia is only supported “by disgruntled individuals who claim to represent the wishes and aspirations of the majority of residents of Zambezi region”. 

“We want to remind the group that we did not elect them to represent us, neither do we share their fallacy of cutting Zambezi from the Republic of Namibia. We are Namibians and we do not support secessionism,” said Siyauya.
According to Siyauya his group is well informed that the pro-secessionist group plans to disrupt the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections. He further referred to the pro-secessionist group as “enemies of peace and development”.
 Siyauya called on residents of Zambezi region and the country at large to organise themselves in solidarity and “denounce the false prophesy of secessionism”.
“This is not a tribal matter but a national concern that requires joint efforts to fight the secessionism agenda. We therefore call upon other peace-loving Namibians to join us in denouncing secessionism,” he said.
He appealed to the government to offer serious reintegration and psychological counselling to the former Dukwe refugees, as according to him the reintegration programme “will make them better citizens who will live a productive life which will contribute greatly to nation-building”.
He however threatened that “should these enemies of peace continue with their acts of provocation, we shall mobilise all peace-loving Namibians for a peaceful mass demonstration against secessionism”.

2019-11-14  Staff Reporter

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