• August 4th, 2020

APLI - 2020 Fellows Part 2

The African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative Fellowship has admitted 14 Fellows for the 2020 Fellowship.  Below are brief profiles of the last seven, and their experience at the first APLI Residential Training:

Name:  Joseph NM Tobias 
From:  Ondangwa, Oshana Region
Project: Founder and Executive Director, Namibian Youth Development Initiative (Civic Education Sector)

I enjoyed the whole residential program of APLI. It’s been a privilege so far to be part of this program. I cannot stress enough the knowledge enrichment and personal development I have gained from this program. I got a chance to learn, be part of and participate in different sessions, all fantastic in different ways such as learning about public speaking, community development, pitching ideas to different stakeholders and many others that introduced me to different people in my field, such as the inspirational dinners and peer meetings. I am sure throughout the year, this program will help me even more in achieving my dreams of impacting my community and involvement towards nation-building. 

Name:  Ainley Amunyela
From:  Windhoek, Khomas Region
Project:  President, Medical Students’ Association of Namibia (Student Support Sector)

The first residential programme was phenomenal. The sessions centred around finances were particularly my favourite as they gave me a broader understanding of a sector I knew so little about, as well as sessions in which we could practice what we had learned, such as the sessions on public speaking, pitching and the interview simulations. Moreover, I was blown away by all the game-changers I met, I gained something from every one of them.

Name:  Katuta Paulus 
From:  Oshakati, Oshana Region
Project:  Co-founder and Chairperson of NamAcademy (Education Sector)

My first APLI training was thrilling. I learned and gained quality practical experience on topics such as business pitching, effective communication and team play. The peer collaborator dinner was an exciting session; we had an enlightening session with professionals from various industries. I’m glad it went as I anticipated.

Name:  Benaja Shikesho
From:  Ongwediva, Oshana Region
Project:  Co-Founder, Jaiva App (Technology Sector)

I had a quite revealing experience from each session; I learned new skills, which will help me in both my personal and professional life and business. I enjoyed the pitching session because the skill of selling a business idea to potential investors is one that entrepreneurs need and it’s a skill I want to polish.

 Name:  Alrich Donovan Links 
From:  Walvis Bay, Erongo Region
Project:  Founder, Save Our Sons (Boys Empowerment Sector)

The first fellowship really surpassed all expectations. Every session hit an important aspect of my project. If I have to single out, I would definitely single out ‘Failure, bouncing back and burning out’ round circle discussion; Pitching workshop, and Introduction to Community Engagement for Community Development. I liked them primarily for the fact that they dealt with content that I previously feared, as I was aware of the immense influence it has on the success of the project. But after having part of the fellowship, I now feel equipped on the journey to come.

 Name:  Cecilia Amunyela
From:  Windhoek, Khomas Region
Project:  Founder, Girls Empowerment Project (Girls Empowerment Sector)

The introductory program covered a lot of ground. The organisation of material was logical, well-structured and easy to understand. I enjoyed the sessions, especially the Financial Management because financial literacy is necessary in everyday life. This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired, feeling more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply instantly.

Name:  Justus Kapeta Fernando
From:  Rundu, Kavango East
Project:  Marketing & Event Planning Officer, Millennium of Change (Social Welfare Sector)

During my first APLI residential training experience, I got to learn a lot of new skills and connect with different change makers and industry professionals. I liked the session on Wounded Leadership because it helped me see one of the reasons why most us do not become successful individuals and leaders. In addition, I enjoyed the sessions on personal finance and financial management because these are crucial life and business skills that I was not well informed in.

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