• August 15th, 2020

Application for learners’ admission for 2020 open

Albertina Nakale

WINDHOEK - The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has reminded parents, guardians and learners that applications for admission to school for next year have opened.
Parents applying for a place for their child in Grade 1 are reminded that according to the Education Act No. 16 of 2001, school attendance is compulsory for every child from the beginning of the year in which the child turns seven years.
The ministry’s spokesperson Johanna Absalom said parents applying for places in pre-primary schools should note that only learners aged five years before or on  31 December of the academic year may be admitted as per entry requirements for pre-primary.
She urged parents or guardians to apply for admission at a school near them or a school of their choice during the month of May 2019 by obtaining an application form from the school, which should be filled in in conformity with the guidelines provided.
“Learners that are already attending a school where the next grade exists will not be allowed to move to another school as the child already has an automatic place in the next grade, except in cases where parents move from one region to another. In such cases, applications should be supported by a letter of transfer from parents or the legal guardian’s employer or pastor,” she stated.
Absalom said the principal of the new school where such a child is being transferred to should request the cumulative record of the enrolled learner from the previous school.
She explained that upon application, schools would inform parents in writing (by the 26th of July 2019) about the outcome of their application. 
She said parents whose children do not have guaranteed space at the school of choice should approach the regional office. 
With regard to application fees, the ministry has advised the inspectors of education to guard against schools that charge exorbitant fees for applications. 
Absalom said application fees are only for administrative purposes such as photocopies and do not guarantee a space in schools.
“Principals, teachers, and inspectors are hard at work, ensuring that the admission process of learners goes smoothly and that all application and admission requirements are adhered to. The ministry is kindly requesting parents and guardians to urgently report cases to the nearest education office or to the director of education in their respective regions,” she urged.
The summary of the national admission schedule shows that in May 2019, parents to submit application forms to schools; June 2019, schools to process applications; July 2019, schools to inform parents of the outcome of the application; August 2019, schools to notify inspectors of education and regional director and October 2019, the regional directors to inform head office (PQA) on progress.
The ministry urged parents to be cognizant of the fact that each school is unique, and logistics put in place may be based on their environment and administration processes. 
Equally, parents and guardians are encouraged to contact schools and the directorates of  education, arts and culture in the respective regions for guidance.

Albertina Nakale
2019-05-20 09:49:22 | 1 years ago

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