• December 3rd, 2020

AR land activist Nauyoma’s trial set for October

WINDHOEK – The trial of Affirmative Repositioning (AR) land activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma is scheduled to start in October.

This comes after the prosecutor general last month decided that Nauyoma should be prosecuted for allegedly attempting to stop Windhoek City Police officers from demolishing a shack belonging to Okuryangava resident Wilhemina Shipingana in January.

At Nauyoma’s appearance in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court yesterday on bail of N$500, his defence attorney Kadhila Amoomo and prosecutor Arie Hussleman agreed to have the trial start in October. The court then postponed the matter for a plea and trial to October 14. 

The prosecution is charging that on January 18, Nauyoma unlawfully entered a property without having the authority to do so and without lawful cause. Furthermore, he obstructed officers of the law from carrying out their duties. Nauyoma is expected to stand trial on two charges, namely hindering a person and entering upon land, all in contravention of Section 2 of Proclamation AG 21 of 1985. Police reported at the time that Nauyoma and other activists tried to rebuild Shipingana’s shack. The police then arrested Nauyoma along with Emilia Simon, Tuhafeni Kamati, Wilhem Mapele and Ismael Kalumbu, who have since been released on a warning. At the time Shipingana said that her shack was initially demolished in the morning after she refused to have sexual intercourse with the man who gave her a piece of land on which to build her shack during December, 2018. Shipingana said the community and Nauyoma rebuilt the shack on the land while trying to get her another place.   Her shack was again demolished after it was rebuilt. During his arrest, Nauyoma allegedly sustained injuries on his shoulder and ribs. AR resorted to the High Court that ordered that the police at Wanaheda Police Station take him to Rhino Park Private Hospital. Nauyoma was then transferred to Windhoek Central Hospital, where he was under police guard.

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2019-07-10 09:35:13 | 1 years ago

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