• April 25th, 2019
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Arnold desperate to be sentenced

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Maria Amakali Windhoek-Anthea Arnold, a Windhoek resident who was convicted last year for killing her German ex-boyfriend is now begging the court to sentence her. Arnold, 32, who made an appearance in Windhoek’s regional court before magistrate Ileni Velikoshi without her attorney pleaded with the court to impose sentence stating that she was tired of the agonising wait. “I killed the deceased because he infected me with HIV. I did not plan to kill him but I just had enough and did it that day. Please I want my sentence, to go and serve my time and still come out to be a mother to my kids,” explained Arnold in her letter written under oath on Friday. The court convicted Arnold for murder with direct intent for the shooting which resulted in the death of her former married boyfriend, Michael Breder, 52, in a car in Windhoek’s Southern Industrial Area during the night of May 14 to 15, 2011. The police found a handwritten note at the scene stating reasons for the gruesome murder. Breder was found with a gunshot wound in the back that was fired at close range, according to the post mortem report. “I want to get my sentence and finish with it. You were 101 percent right in your judgement. Why should I suffer with postponements like this?” queried Arnold. Although convicted, Arnold’s defence attorney Mbanga Siyomunji argued the court was not partial throughout the trial and that it had favoured the State, thus they approached the High Court to appeal the lower court’s decision to convict Arnold. The same notion was filed in the lower court to have Velikoshi step down from the case but was dismissed as the application by the defence team was deemed too vague. However things took a twist on Friday when Arnold informed the court that the idea to approach the High Court was her attorney’s and not hers; further stating that she agreed fully with the outcome of the judgement and all she wanted was to start serving her time in jail. “I want my sentence to be done by Mr. Velikoshi. Why? Because everything transpired the way he said it did. I did it. I wrote the note. Who else would have written the note if it was just me and the deceased …I do not want to go the High Court,” she declared. Arnold was informed that there was nothing that the magistrate’s court could do to help her as an appeal has already been noted in the High Court. “You can write a letter or an affidavit to the High Court giving reasons why you want to abandon the appeal,” advised Velikoshi. Arnold’s appeal will be heard on February 22 in the High Court. The court postponed the matter to February 23 for the High Court’s outcome.
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2018-02-13 09:25:05 1 years ago

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