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At home with Connie Masilo Ferguson - On the quest of building a media empire

2020-12-11  Staff Reporter2

At home with Connie Masilo Ferguson - On the quest of building a media empire

She is a television queen, who many have and keep on seeing on their screens growing to become one of the best producers in southern Africa and now on a quest of building an even bigger media empire in the film industry.
The only name that you might be familiar with is Karabo Moroka, but Connie Masilo Ferguson has cemented herself so well in the show biz that there is no need to introduce her anymore.

That was a role Ferguson played since 1994 in the most popular South African soap opera, Generations. In 2010, after playing the lead role for 16 years, Ferguson announced her departure from Generations “to pursue other career options” and later returned to the soapie four years later to help relaunch Generations: The Legacy.

Although she grew up in Botswana, Ferguson was born in Kimberly, South Africa on 10 June 1970. The quinquagenarian has been married to actor Shona Ferguson for 19 years. 
Ferguson was married to fellow actor Neo Matsunyane and has a daughter with him, Lesedi Matsunyane (born 31 December 1992). In November 2001, 3 years after her divorce with Matsunyane, she married actor and director Shona Ferguson and together the couple has a daughter, Alicia Angel Ferguson born 7 June 2002.
On Instagram, Shona said Alicia was a miracle baby. “My baby is 18 today. Happy birthday my angel. True story, doctors told me I could never have children of my own. God had other plans because he knew I needed you.
He added: “My miracle baby. Daddy loves you more than you will ever know. I was right there when you came into this world and I will always be there whenever you need me. Sharp fede. Happy birthday, Juice. I love you, baby.”

Formidable duo
Alongside her husband, Shona, they launched the television company Ferguson Films 10 years ago. Their first production, Rockville, was endorsed by M-Net three years later. Other productions include iGazi, The Gift, The Throne, The Queen, The River and The Imposter. The Fergusons always appear in their productions; for example, Connie plays the role of Harriet Khoza on The Queen and Shona also played the role of Jerry Maake, in the same production.

In the lame light
Since the early 1990s, Connie Ferguson has been entertaining people around South Africa and internationally with her incomparable acting skills.
Having been in the lame light for that long, one wouldn’t be shocked or surprised that Ferguson appeared on the cover of Forbes in 2018. With the tagline ‘fame does not define me, Ferguson – the actor and entrepreneur on working hard and playing hard,’ the feature gave a new look at her life at the helm of her production, Ferguson Films and her private life.
With the production of many series, Ferguson Films will forever be in the spotlight and so is the one behind it. The Citizen reported that when Mzansi Magic’s The Gift aired on television, social media went crazy.

The Citizen further stated that the television movie produced by the power couple’s production company trended for hours on Twitter with praise from excited viewers.
For Shona Ferguson, who produces and stars in the film, this is the reason he decided to leave his comfortable career on some of the country’s top soaps to make films.
“I’ve never been the kind of producer who is concerned with numbers [television ratings]. For me, it’s always been about making films that get people talking.”

Those who have been following Ferguson on social media have been jaw-dropping whenever they see how fit she is, especially for a 50 year old accompanied by her impeccable dancing routines when being coached by her young daughter Alicia.

Ferguson who had an interview with Times Live shared that she created an Instagram page “iconniecfit”, where her supporters can track her gym routines and overall fitness journey with the best coaches Mzansi can offer.
What is more appealing is that the actress also motivates her supports. “So my body betrayed me and I’ve been down with summer flu and a chest infection for the past few days now! So instead of lying here feeling sorry for myself, I thought I would share what is fast becoming one of my favourite cardio workouts along with the jump rope, ladder drills,” read a post.

She added: “Note to self- When you know that everyone wants to do is to go out and party, stay away from where they have to work! Otherwise, prepare yourself to be punished for the boss’ sins.”
She has also advised on skin care routine. “Moisturise and hydrate your skin with our vitamin-rich Shower Gels, Body Butter and Body Lotions for up to 24 hours.”

Ferguson is seen by the full scope of her audience and supporters as an elegantly and grounded individual, with her own, unique dash of confidence that makes her both accessible, real and most importantly at the times, relatable.

2020-12-11  Staff Reporter2

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