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Home / At home with Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh - Interior design and fashion enthusiast

At home with Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh - Interior design and fashion enthusiast

2021-07-09  Paheja Siririka

At home with Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh - Interior design and fashion enthusiast
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Is there ever a lady who does not like fashion, interior design and all the finer things in life? These are things Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh is passionate about and makes sure the passion manifests in her home setting.

She is a general manager at Luana Printing CC, the brand owner of @premium_wear_nam, and an avid brand influencer.

“I am passionate about interior design and fashion. I must say I have a good eye spotting beautiful pieces and making them work together.”

“When I get bored, I redecorate my home. My husband doesn’t find it amusing, but I do it anyway, and I enjoy it.”

This is visible on her Instagram account, which boasts a followership of more than 86 000 users on the picture-sharing social media app, accompanied by a bio description of ‘mom, wife, boss’.


Did you know?

The 35-year-old Mbwaluh was born in Namibia to a Xhosa-Sotho father from Gauteng Vaal and an Omuwambo mother from the Ndonga subtribe in the Olukonda village. 



“Both my parents are deceased. I lost my dad to cancer when I was three, and my mom passed on in 2006 – also due to cancer. I grew up in a strict and prayerful home. It was more like a ‘be seen and not heard’ situation for me.

“I want to raise my children that way too, but I am trying not to be too strict. I want them to be expressive and speak their minds and truth. At the same time, I want them to be disciplined, God-fearing and respectful human beings.”



Mbwaluh is the wife of Namibian musician and entrepreneur, Martin Mbwaluh, popularly known as King Tee Dee.

“We have been together for 17 years and married for six years. We met in 2004 in Tsumeb; he had a gig (event) there and it was love at first sight. We call each other babe or B.”

The couple has three daughters: Magano, Unathi and Luana. 



Self-love, care and introspection are important to Mbwaluh, things she does daily. 

“I wake up, pray and meditate; then make myself a cup of coffee, and spend five to 10 minutes in my comfy chair, focusing on nothing but positive stuff. I then go through emails and add anything to my to-do list that needs handling.”

In the late afternoon, if time permits, she squeezes in a quick workout at home, run Luana (youngest daughter) a bath and start prepping for dinner for her family.

“Food is a must-have in the house and if you can stand the heat in the kitchen, you need to prove to yourself how skilled you can be.  

 “I love mopane worms with pap. It has always been my favourite growing up – and yes, I can prepare it. I enjoy preparing homemade burgers and fries for my family because they love and enjoy them.” 

When it comes to something to drink, Mbwaluh is a simple person - it can be black coffee with no sugar, an alternative would be her liqueur that she loves having occasionally.

“After dinner, I chill in the hot tub or just relax and cuddle with hubby in front of the TV.”


After a long day

With a lot of activities and having to nurture her daughters with her husband, while pursuing a master’s degree in human resources, family still comes first. These are the first people she sees in the morning and are the last to see in the evening; she would not want it any other way.

“After a hectic and long stressful day, all I want to see is my family. With all the misfortunes and sadness in the world, seeing my family is a constant reminder that I am truly blessed. They brighten up my day.”


2021-07-09  Paheja Siririka

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