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At home with Twapewomaano Selma Kadhikwa - Twapewa, the prayer warrior

2021-03-12  Paheja Siririka

At home with Twapewomaano Selma Kadhikwa - Twapewa, the prayer warrior
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Despite the type of personality she has, she enjoys spending time alone, reading, praying, resting and listening to gospel music, teaching audios or practising spiritual disciplines for leaders, as she sees this is a way of replenishing herself and her spirit.

Twapewomaano Selma Kadhikwa told Entertainment Now! her all-time favourite remains solitude. “Silence speaks and God wants us to be quiet before the revelation is downloaded. The times we live in are hectic, fast, confusing and overwhelming, with many uncertainties,” she explained.


She is a 41-year-old professional Entrepreneur and a lover of knowledge. “I am a proud wife to Erastus Ipuleni Kadhikwa; we  have been together when we were children. We grew up around the same neighbourhood, and he has always been a special friend. Over the years, we fell in love; he used to take my car for a car wash every Friday – and when he proposed, it was easy to see myself spending the rest of my life next to him as his helpmate, wife and friend.”

Kadhikwa has seven children: three biological and four adopted. “Sjoe, I am sure you can imagine how my kitchen looks like during dinner or breakfast or any time when the family needs to eat – and to mention the pets, puppies.”

Her children are Steven Mudjanima, Tuwilika Mariana, Saima Niitembu, Sara Ishuna, Ingatutala Kadhikwa, Etuhole Kadhikwa and Tironnen Kadhikwa.

“I have a rich life. Our life is filled with a very solid and available family from both my side and my husband’s side: sisters, brothers, cousins, in-laws and in- loves, friends, employees and business associates.”

She added that as a family, they spend a lot of time in the kitchen. “It is our happy place. This is where we meet to laugh and share jokes; my children have some sense of humour – you won’t understand. We cook together – and most importantly, share a meal.”

The children love camping. “We learnt from my husband. He is the ultimate camper and farm expert. He prepares a super poitjie and nice rump steak – and is the perfect host any day.”

She added: “Look, I don’t have much free time; I would appreciate some free time. But when extra time is available, that is allocated to my children and family, or in my garden, which is pleasant to be in. My prayer room is my sanctuary – whether I am working there or reading; it gives me pleasure.”



Kadhikwa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Namibia, an Honorary Master’s Degree from IUM, and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Galilee College in Israel. She has completed many short courses in personal development, and she also possesses a Certificate in Leadership from African Leadership Institute. She is a recent Future Females Business School Graduate.

She loves – and visibly so, is big on personal development, growth and empowerment; hence, she also believes in a blend between academic and non-academic development.


“I love Dove – Onghuti, specifically the one from Omuthiya open market; it is mouth-watering, and just thinking about it makes me want to have it right away. Also, you can never go wrong with Mutete, which is spinach nokafima komahangu (Omahangu porridge). Oh, my tears could roll while eating it.”

Being in the eatery business, she didn’t shy away from stating the obvious – that she can cook mean meals. “I am good at preparing all dishes. I grew up in a big family household, so we had to cook, braai (grill) - and do a lot of other things. Cooking inspired me to start Xwama over 12 years ago, and we are still going by God’s Grace.’

She is also gracious enough to introduce her palate to other African dishes – and as usual, Jollof rice had to be on the list – but we couldn’t tell if it was Nigerian, Ghana or Gambian Jollof, until she mentioned a friend who introduced her to the dish – that’s when knew it was Nigerian Jollof. We also can’t get into the discussion of which one is the best Jollof because it will create a food war among those countries, a war that still exists.

“I also enjoy West African food, jollof rice, thanks to my friend Efe – I love pepper stew, Gari, Pounded yam and Grilled Tilapia. Township girls are not complicated.”

When it comes to drinks, green tea or her house executives’ speciality, spinach smoothie is a must-have. It must be prepared by one of her daughters, Saima, who is excellent at making smoothies.

The typical kwanyama girl is not allergic to anything, and she will not compile a list of drinks without mentioning Oshikundu (a traditional Namibian drink made from fermented millet (mahangu). It is usually non-alcoholic but it becomes alcoholic once too fermented.



When Kadhikwa is done with her usual work-related staff, there are certain things she wants to see when she enters her house. 

“Tiro running towards me, saying, ‘Omeeme; Omeeme’, soft gospel music in the background, a fresh cup of green tea from Saima’s hands – and of course, a nice hug from my husband seals it all.”



“You need to know the vision of the person you are following to avoid being misled. You need to know your purpose, as your purpose will give you clarity as you embark on this journey. You need to be willing to endure the sacrifices; don’t be fooled by the glory – the details lie in the story. Your journey must glorify God.”


2021-03-12  Paheja Siririka

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