• August 12th, 2020

Bank Windhoek launches new Selekt Gold offering

WINDHOEK- In its quest to provide the market with relevant, holistic financial solutions, Bank Windhoek on Wednesday launched a new Selekt Gold offering.

Selekt Gold offering delivers bundled or Pay-as-you-Go transaction free structures, access to a team of personalised SelektSaver Accounts at tiered interest rate, free life, legal and funeral cover and valued added services such as the Hey Jude for Bank Windhoek Lifestyle App.

In consultation with personal bankers, Selekt Gold offering customers will be able to choose the loan products that are best suited to them, be it a personal loan, gold credit card, an overdraft facility, vehicle financing, or Selekt Bond.

A unique feature to the Selekt Gold offering in “My Saving” aspect, which comprises access to all investment products within the Capricorn Group, as well as having many Complementary SelektSaver Accounts as the customer would like, linked to their Selekt Gold Account, at no extra cost to the customer.
Other unique features that are unmatched in the marker is the “My Cover” addition, which includes –Free legal Access of up to N$30 000 – Access to Estate Planning and Free Life Cover of N$32 300. Also, other unique features include, free travel insurance of up to N$2.5 million paying for your travel using your Bank Windhoek Selekt Gold Debit or Credit card- Free Funeral of N$30 000 for the main member- N$30 000 for the spouse and there are also funeral benefits for children, depending on their ages.

Speaking at the launched, Bank Windhoek Managing Director Baronice Hans said the Selekt Gold offering puts the bank customers at the very centre of product development for this segment, and takes into account their dreams and aspirations. 

“The potential our customers see in themselves is what Bank Windhoek and Selekt Gold helps them to achieve. On this point alone, we are being true to our vision by being connectors of positive change,” she said.

In delivering the Selekt Gold Account, Hans said the bank focus on personalised service and advice, innovative digital solutions and added value offerings, attributes that make the bank leaders in the market. 
In addition, to conducting daily transactions on our Mobile App, she said the bank also offer features such as being able to turn Debit and Credit Cards off and back on again, as well as the feature where daily limits can be increased or decreased. 

Then of course, she said the bank also provide the convenience of Cellphone Banking, iBank and a preferential rate for access to the Hey Jude for Bank Windhoek App, essentially a personal assistant in customer pocket that helps with any task that they simply do not have the time to do.

As a wholly owned Namibian financial institution, Hans said the approach by the bank in crafting and shaping offerings around the needs of its customers is of outmost important. 

“The time has come to recognise that we service customers with diverse needs and as such, we have to be relevant and responsive by talking to their needs,” she said, adding that they are confident that the bank is a solutions-driven financial services institution and a trusted partner that customers will need as they grow in all aspects of their lives and expand their aspirations.

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