• August 10th, 2020

Be authentic in this competitive industry - Kweyo

Media personality and self-proclaimed ‘sexy of the sexiest’ Aina Kweyo said despite challenges that come with presenting, aspiring presenters should be authentic in this competitive entertainment industry.
She said this to Entertainment Now! after recently launching a pop culture show, dubbed ‘Weekly Wrap’, which rounds up and gives weekly scoop or information on top trending stories in the country. The show was first aired on The show was first aired on 1 March 2020 on social media platforms and its fourth edition broadcasted recently. “The less-than-seven-minutes shows cover trending topics, ranging from local current affairs, entertainment and sport across the continent,” revealed Kweyo.

 According to the 24-year-old presenter, the tabloid talk show is created to cater to those who do not watch television or have access to it.
“We live in a digital era and almost everyone has access to online content. This show brings the screen closer to you wherever you are at any time, and it fills you in with information on what happened during the week,” she explained.

Kweyo is no stranger to the spotlight, as she has hosted numerous events in the country, such as Simply You magazine Lifestyle and Fashion awards, Katutura Fashion Awards red carpet and Windhoek Annual Cultural festivals.Kweyo is the executive producer of the show, alongside other co-workers. 
“I have always wanted to be a presenter. I grew up watching Juliana Rancic on E! and I fell in love with the craft of presentation. I have then gotten some amazing opportunities to work on great platforms and with amazing people.”

According to her, she created the show for herself because, for the past 7 years, she has been auditioning to get a break in the Namibian industry, particularly a TV break – and it has never happened; hence, she decided to create her opportunity and make it happen for herself. 
The jack of all trades, who is also a co-founder of a company called Rebottle, is in the process of birthing a production company for TV shows for Namibia and other countries. 
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

Aletta Shikololo
2020-03-30 09:06:59 | 4 months ago

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