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Bleeding-heart Nghaamwa donates mahangu to five regions

2019-09-13  Obrien Simasiku

Bleeding-heart Nghaamwa donates mahangu to five regions

OMUTHIYA - Governor, Usko Nghaamwa in his personal capacity, yesterday donated 12 metric tonnes of mahangu grains to five regions, namely Oshikoto, Oshana, Omusati, Kunene and Ohangwena, to help fend off the advances of drought.

Nghaamwa, who is governor of Ohangwena and farms in Oshikoto Region, said he was touched by the devastating drought that is ravaging the country, hence his timely intervention.
His farm is at Omaimbi in Nehale Lya Mpingana Constituency. 

Each region received 2.4 metric tonnes, which is to be distributed among the most needy communities in the various regions. 

“As we are all aware, this year we didn’t not receive enough rainfall. Therefore, the mahangu grains that I am donating today is of last year’s production, and it is still good for human consumption. Remember that this donation is from a hard farming effort, hence in the same vein I encourage fellow compatriots to start producing more food for themselves and others,” stated Nghaamwa at the handover in Omuthiya.

“On behalf of all the governors here, we assure you that the mahangu received today will be distributed fairly in a transparent manner to the most needy. Lucky enough, we have structures already in our regions and constituencies that deals with the distribution of drought relief food, hence we will use them as such,” said an enthused governor of Oshikoto, Henock Kankoshi. 

Kankoshi further urged his counterparts to make sure that the grain reach affected households timely. “The drought situation facing our people and livestock is getting extreme, thus efforts such as this should be sincerely applauded,” he added.

Similarly, the governor for Oshana, Elia Irimari, welcomed this gesture. While on a different note, he called for a diversification of mahangu products in reference to countries such as India and Senegal, which he said produce over 400 various mahangu products.

Governor Nghaamwa is cherished by many and renown as “Father Christmas” for continuously providing support to institutions and individuals that are in dire situations. Among such recent remarkable gestures, was the donation of 58 000 bricks toward the construction of a school hostel for Omungwelume Senior Secondary School. 

2019-09-13  Obrien Simasiku

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