• July 22nd, 2019
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Boozing detrimental to youth - Swapo SG

Special Focus
Special Focus

Strauss Lunyangwe WINDHOEK - Swapo Party Secretary-General (SG) Sophia Shaningwa counselled Namibian youth to spend their time wisely as frequenting bars is detrimental to their wellbeing and their future. She made the remarks at Khomasdal Community Hall on Saturday, while addressing the Day of the African Child that is commemorated worldwide on June 16, in honour of victims of the Soweto uprising against Bantu education. The event was organised by the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), to mark the event on June 16 in Soweto that profoundly changed the socio-political landscape in South Africa. Shaningwa said time is precious and it should not be wasted on unnecessary things such as spending time at cuca-shops and indulging in unscrupulous activities. The amount of time a person has should be spent on bettering your life, said the Swapo SG. Shaningwa noted that the youth faces a lot of challenges such as indiscipline, tribalism, drugs and alcohol abuse amongst others. She also cautioned not all people in leadership positions are positive in leading others in the right way or direction and specifically advised members of the SPYL to always be vigilant and not be misled. Shaningwa reminded them that the Swapo-led government provides free secondary education in addition to free primary education. “As young people, you should therefore carefully select your career paths while in secondary schools, in line with the labour market needs of the country,’’ she stated. She said the youth should associate themselves with the vision of socio-economic growth of the country, to positively contribute to the realisation of Vision 2030 that could see Namibia become an industrialised nation by the year 2030. Speaking at the same event, the Minister of Justice Sacky Shanghala emphasised that education is the most important tool a young person could have in life. He said the most common effect of education can be witnessed in the positive impact education has on pro-social behaviours such as volunteering, political participation, interpersonal trust and economic growth. He also reminded the youth he was not born a minister but through sheer determination, he succeeded in becoming what he set out to be at a young age. “Twenty years ago, I was a PA, I started from the bottom, slowly I got there,’’ said the justice minister. He encouraged the youth to always stay focused and not get distracted on their path to success. Shanghala noted, “Last year, they always use to write about me, accuse me of stealing, or labelling me. But have they ever made a case against me or arrested me? No, I know what my goal is and know what I am doing.” He further advised the youth to stick to the five pillars that will help them in life namely positive attitude, good values, vision, curiosity and adaptability. He told them that being young is not permanent and they should not rush things. He discourages youth to live a miserable life by allowing other people to insult and belittle them. He feels proud that to this day, he drafted the Electoral Act with the assistance of three young lawyers under his wing, which was implemented, something that will stand in the history books. Shaningwa urged the SPYL to have such platforms every six months, so that the youth can tap knowledge from them and start sharing ideas. “I would like to see ministers, a secretary general, vice-president or even a president emerging from the political youth ranks in the future,” she concluded. Caption (Shaningwa):
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2018-06-18 11:18:40 1 years ago

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